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News video games 08 June 2022, 12:22

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Elden Ring Now Even More Difficult With Hunger and Thirst

Elden Ring is not easy already in its base version. However, this mod makes the game even more challenging.

  • Elden Ring lived to see a survival mod;
  • The mod introduces hunger, thirst, disease and temperature influence on the player character;
  • The weapon system has also been changed.

Elden Ring is a demanding game. After all, we're talking about a soulslike, and the genre grew out of the trend of making the players go the hard way.

However, nothing stands in the way of making the game even more challenging. You only need to install a certain mod.

Thirst, Frost, and More

Elden Ring: Survival Mode is an ambitious mod by user Grimrukh. Apparently, he decided to turn playing FromSoftware's latest creation into an even more masochistic experience.

The mod introduces some big novelties that radically affect the gameplay.

  1. The character is now affected by hunger, thirst and temperature. New craftable items will help in dealing with them.
  2. You will not find or buy any weapons in the game world. Instead, you will have to craft them yourself by collecting the necessary materials.
  3. The character can fall ill, and these illnesses depend on the location. To avoid being killed by a cold, you have to find or craft medicine.
  4. The nights are much darker than in the base game.

This set is quite a handicap, which may be too extreme for some players. Fortunately, if you don't feel up to such a challenge, there is another way. The creator of the mod enables us to configure our creation.

So you can only run some of the new options. Instructions on how to do this are included in the mod's description.

You can download the modification via NexusMods. Grimrukh is still developing his creation, so you can count on various updates in the future.

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