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News hardware & software 22 January 2021, 16:04

author: Bartlomiej Sagan

Elon Musk Offers $100 Million for New Green Technology

The presence of large amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is one of the biggest challenges faced by environmentalists. Elon Musk intends to reward the creator of the most effective method of removing the greenhouse gas from the atmosphere.

Elon Musk is one of the most popular billionaires in the world. Recently, there was a lot of buzz about him for overtaking Jeff Bezos in the list of the richest people. This time the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX announced via Twitter that he will donate $100 million to the creators of the best carbon capture technology. However, the details of the donation are currently unknown - Musk won't reveal them until next week.

CO2 (carbon dioxide) is one of the greenhouse gases, which means that its elevated amount contributes to increasing the Earth's average temperature in the long term. It is therefore recognized by multitudes of scientists as one of the reasons for the progressive global warming. Consequently, many governments are implementing measures to reduce carbon dioxide emissions through the use of renewable energy sources or the implementation of electric drives to replace internal combustion engines for the automotive industry.

However, it is puzzling that CO2 sequestration has not been implemented on a larger scale so far. Elon Musk wants to help curb global warming and therefore is looking for a new green technology that would effectively remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Will $100 million in funding prove to be enough incentive for scientists to find new ways to capture CO2? Time will tell.

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