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News video games 13 November 2020, 17:41

author: Adrian Werner

GTA Online May be Expecting a New Heist

An event launched in Grand Theft Auto Online along with some map changes suggest that Rockstar Games will soon reveal a new heist.

There are many indications that Rockstar is working on a new heist for Grand Theft Auto Online, GTA 5's online mode. Moreover, it is possible that it will debut next week.

Developers have not officially confirmed such plans, but recent events strongly suggest them. Yesterday a new challenge was launched, requiring the gaming community is to steal a billion dollars in heists by November 18. According to the developers, the event will prepare us for the "launch of next-gen heist gameplay". On the one hand, this may be a reference to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles that have just been released, but on the other hand, a special version of GTA Online designed for these consoles will not be released until the end of next year, so it's hard to assume that Rockstar is already trying to hype up the community.

The challenge alone might not be enough to convince us that the developers are preparing another heist. However, the players also received a notification from Tom Connors, the service manager of The Diamond Casino & Resort in GTA Online. He informs that construction works have started in the building, and related objects have appeared on the map in the game.

All this makes it possible, and with a pretty good chance, that we will soon receive a new heist. If this is true, the announcement of new content should take place at the end of the challenge, i.e. November 18, or soon afterwards.

Even if nothing will ultimately come out of it, the challenge itself is worthy of attention. Each participant will receive a million dollars bonus and a virtual T-shirt from the arcade game Degantron. In addition, the prizes in the Casino and Ressurection missions are doubled during the event.

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