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News video games 12 October 2020, 17:48

author: Bart Swiatek

Here's How Those Impressive Minecraft Maps are Made

Extremely impressive maps for Minecraft are not always created directly in the game. Their creators often use additional programs, such as WorldPainter.

From time to time we mention in the news some really unusual, breathtaking creations by Minecraft players. However, not everyone realizes that they are not always built manually using only the options available in the game itself. Some developers use additional programs such as WorldPainter. Below you will find a short video showing the tool in action.

i get a ton of comments when i post here asking about how i make the terrain in my builds, so here's a timelapse! i use worldpainter, which i feel like a lot of people don't know about, but its used in almost all of your favorite youtubers' coolest builds! from r/Minecraft

WorldPainter is an app that enables us to create maps for Minecraft in away similar to drawing in Paint. We sculpt the terrain by moving the mouse cursor. You can shape it in any way we like, using the options from the side panel. We also have the possibility to use "brushes" of different thickness and type (the list can be expanded with items downloaded from the web).

On YouTube we can find many examples of works created with the use of this program (e.g. the Golden Canyon or a map impressively reproducing a Norwegian fjord).

You can find WorldPainter app here. It is worth noting that it requires Java to work.

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