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News video games 23 February 2022, 18:54

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Horizon Forbidden West Gets First Update; Gameplay and Performance Improvements

Horizon Forbidden West received its first post-release patch. Update 1.05 fixes a lot of bugs and improves the game's performance.

The release of Horizon Forbidden West turned out great but, as usual, it was not without some problems. Some of them are solved by the newly released patch 1.05 for the second Horizon which, among other things, improves the game's performance and eliminates the bugs causing crashes. Also a lot of unnecessary loading screens disappeared as well.

Horizon Forbidden West 1.05: Quest Fixes

The patch also brought fixes related to quests and other activities in Horizon Forbidden West, however, not all issues have been resolved. This includes a bug in "Reach of the Stars", which, without going into details, prevents some players from completing it. Fortunately, another glitch blocking progression in this quest has been fixed.

  1. Fixed bugs related to the main quests "The Eye of the Earth", "Cradle of Echoes", and "The Sea of Sand".
  2. Fixed glitches in the side quests "Blood Choke", "In the Fog" and "Night of Lights".

Graphics & Animation - Visual Fixes

A large part of the fixes in patch 1.05 are those related to the visual layer of the game. For example, a bug that caused Aloy to "violently vibrate" while climbing if she picked up a plant, as well as a problem with character's incorrect gaze direction have been fixed.

  • Fixed interface issues such as a blinking HUD when picking up loot and a delay in the appearance of roads and icons on the map.
  • Fixed bug that caused player characters and NPCs to block on world geometry.
  • Fixed HDR mode and photo mode (i.e. bug with Aloy's blurry outfit).

Gameplay and More

In addition, the creators have taken care of some gameplay bugs. From now on, the Second Chance skill should work as it should, providing a chance to survive a killing blow when Aloy has critically low health. We also won't encounter Petra teleporting after the first conversation with her and incorrect camera settings when using certain weapons.

The full list of fixes can be found in the developers' post on Reddit.

Horizon: Forbidden West

Horizon: Forbidden West

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