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News video games 27 December 2021, 21:04

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Horizon: Forbidden West Boss Fight in Short Gameplay

Machines in Horizon: Forbidden West will be more diverse and dangerous than in Zero Dawn. New footage presenting one of the bosses should prove that these are not just empty words.

Before the holidays we had several opportunities to see the new machines that we will encounter in Horizon: Forbidden West. Among the "animals" presented in December was the snake-like Slitherfang, although we didn't get to see it in battle. At least until now. Game Informer published an exclusive video footage presenting a fragment of Aloy's clash with a Slitherfang.

The material is very short, lasting less than half a minute. However, apparently, the editors of Game Informer had the opportunity to see much more. The article talks about the impressive boss battle, which supposedly shows all the new features associated with the machines, about which previously wrote Guerrilla Games. In the fight against Slitherfang, we'll have to watch out not only for the acid spit out by the robot (the resemblance to a cobra is not just in appearance), but also an electric "rattle" and a deafening sound wave.

We'll be able to counter all these attacks by hitting designated segments of the snake at the right moment (for example, the aforementioned rattle). Don't count on easily overpowering Slitherfang, though. The machine won't let Aloy attack from hanging poles, and its behavior will change depending on the condition (which is supposed to be a common occurrence in Forbidden West). Mathijs de Jong, director of Forbidden West also made it clear that Game Informer is unlikely to have seen Slitherfang's entire arsenal.

Horizon: Forbidden West is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, and will be released on February 18, 2022.

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