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News video games 29 October 2020, 17:17

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Minecraft Tests Goats From Caves and Cliffs Update

Mojang released a beta version of the new update for Minecraft. Together with it we received a foretaste of the news from the upcoming Caves and Cliffs expansion, including goats.

There is still a lot of time left until the launch of the next big update for Minecraft, but that doesn't stop the creators from bragging about the upcoming news from Caves and Cliffs. Some of them will be available for testing in the upcoming beta of the 1.17 update for the so-called Bedrock Edition on PC, Android and Xbox One. Along with it there will also appear a changed switch of experimental features, enabling us to check the content from the beta. In case the of upcoming update we will have to activate "Caves and Cliffs" option in "Experiments" tab. It's worth backing up our world as betas tend to spoil session compatibility with subsequent updates.

The beta makes a few changes, including fixing many bug. However, the main attraction is... goats. For the time being, the animals only appear in areas with a large number of hills (extreme hill biomes) and specialize in climbing as well as "accidental" shoving of unwelcome wanderers into chasms (but they are not openly aggressive). The second novelty is a new kind of block: snow dust, which we will be able to walk on (although the characters will sink into it, unless they put on leather shoes). The full list of changes can be found on here.

These may not be big changes, but for now they will have to be enough. TheCaves and Cliffs update will not be released until mid-2021. If you want to help the developers polish the game, after playing with the beta you can share your comments and report errors.



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