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News movies & tv series 10 March 2019, 22:50

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Netflix's Yennefer Caught on Camera

Unofficial footage from Netflix's Witcher has surfaced on the web. A group of tourists visiting Gran Canaria island happened to see the crew working on the latest Netflix series, including Anya Chalotra as Yennefer during a rather intriguing shot.

Some time ago, showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich started sharing photos from the set of The Witcher series on Instagram. They didn't show much - only the places where the team went to shoot footage for the Netflix Witcher series. However, these are not the only materials that have caught the fans' attention. Last Thursday, the artists stayed near the Roque Nublo peak on the Spanish island of Gran Canaria and apparently did not consider it appropriate to prohibit tourists from staying in the area. Thanks to this, not only photos (mostly of poor quality), but also recordings from the film set of the the Witcher have appeared on the web. Some of them were posted by Reddit users: henckens and gravemaster7. CAUTION: Materials may contain spoilers!

Netflixs Yennefer Caught on Camera - picture #1
The unofficial materials from the set of The Witcher TV gave fans a lot to think about.

The editorial staff of Canaris7 website took the opportunity to share this most interesting shot. In the picture above we can see Yennefer (played by Anya Chalotra) preparing to fight against a hooded assailant, with an unconscious (wounded?) girl lying between them. It is not clear what this scene is supposed to represent. Many guess that the sorceress's opponent is a magician, although suggestions that it may be either Rience or Dorregaray (characters known from the novel series) may go a little too far. The users also paid attention to the visibly wet hair and dress of the heroine (this is confirmed by another recording), which may be surprising in the context of an almost desert landscape. The matter is further complicated by the child that Yennefer holds during the rehearsal recording.

Netflixs Yennefer Caught on Camera - picture #2
Tourists visiting Gran Canaria on Thursday had an additional attraction.

Apart from that, perceptive Internet users noticed Tomasz Baginski on the footage, which is not surprising. The Polish filmmaker is the executive producer of the series and has been with the film crew in Hungary, among others. None of these materials reveal too much, but it provided the fans with food for further speculation, which should keep the interest in the Witcher alive for a long time. Who knows, maybe that's what the creators wanted when they decided to let tourists go near the film set? The series will make its debut later this year.

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