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News video games 26 January 2023, 16:05

author: Kamil Kleszyk

8 Games Coming to Xbox Game Pass in Late January/Early February

In the next few days, 8 games will be added to the Xbox Game Pass library. Among them are GoldenEye 007 and Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition.

Developer_Direct is behind us. During the event, Microsoft offered a closer look at several upcoming titles, including the new Forza Motorsport, Minecraft Legends or Redfall. However, the real icing on this gaming cake turned out to be game titled Hi-Fi RUSH, which immediately went on sale (as well as to Xbox Game Pass) and at the start boasts an excellent reception.

However, this is not the end of the good news that the Redmond giant has for us. Microsoft has presented the list of games that will soon be added to the Xbox Game Pass offer.. Below we also list the titles that will soon leave the service's library.

Xbox Game Pass - list of new games:

Xbox Game Pass - list of games that will leave the service after January 31:

Kamil Kleszyk

Kamil Kleszyk

An introvert by nature. Since childhood, he felt a closer connection to humanism than to the sciences. Instead of exercises in maths, he preferred shutting himself up in his world and inventing new stories of his favorite anime – Dragon Ball. After years of study came a time of stagnation, which he preferred to call "searching for purpose." Looking out for destiny during the 58th screening of his beloved Die Hard, he decided – like John McCLane – to fight for a better future. He found the avenue to do this in Gamepressure. Since he's still a freshman in the newsroom, he doesn't have a target subject he wants to focus on yet. So, you can expect news about farming simulators, or the impact of Johnny Depp's trial on the future of Pirates of the Caribbean. If you ever hear that playing console games and watching movies is futile – remember this story


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