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News video games 24 January 2020, 16:20

author: Adrian Werner

Rumor: QLOC and Two Other Studios Help With Cyberpunk 2077 [Updated]

Recent reports indicate that CD Projekt RED does not create Cyberpunk 2077 on its own. The studio was to engage several other Polish developers, such as QLOC, Crunching Koalas and Testronic, to work on the project.

The scale of the project is so large that even a very large team of CD Projekt RED studio staff has to use the help of external companies.

Update: QLOC has officially confirmed that it is involved in the development of Cyberpunk 2077. The company announced that it is helping in the area of both testing and development of the game (however, it did not specify which part of the "development" it is specifically responsible for).

The scale of the project is so big that even the very large team of CD Projekt RED has to use the help of third-party companies.

Last week CD Projekt RED announced that Cyberpunk 2077 will be delayed for several months. Nevertheless, the team will not avoid crunch. It turns out, however, that even the additional months and extended working hours were not enough, and the company had to reach for help from several other Polish developers.

According to Mateusz Witczak (the publisher of the website, and previously a long-time head of the journalism department in the CD-Action monthly, the biggest gaming magazine in Poland), the teams at QLOC, Crunching Koalas and Testronic also participate in the work on Cyberpunk 2077. It is worth noting that the aforementioned companies have extensive experience in converting, optimizing and testing games. They were probably involved mainly to support CD Projekt RED in improving the technical level of CP2077 and porting the game to consoles. This makes sense, especially given the rumors suggesting that one of the reasons for the delay are performance problems on the first model of Xbox One.

It is also known that some of these companies, or at least QLOC, are involved in creating graphic elements. Furthermore, further undisclosed teams may be involved in the development.

Currently, CD Projekt RED employs about 600-700 developers, which is a huge number for local conditions. Nevertheless, as you can see, the scale of the project is so large that the studio needs help from outside. The decision to use outsourcing was probably also influenced by the desire to speed up the development. Cyberpunk 2077 is designed for PCs, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, so it's critical to get it released before next-gen consoles hit the market.

If you had enough patience to watch the long credits in the new games from Ubisoft, you must have noticed how many teams are involved in the development of every major title of this publisher. Creating such projects requires a lot of work nowadays, so it's no wonder that CD Projekt RED couldn't do everything alone.

Let us recall that the new release date of Cyberpunk 2077 was set for September 17, this year. However, we will probably wait until 2022 for the multiplayer mode.

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