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News video games 16 July 2020, 21:30

author: Paul Wozniak

Simple Trick in GTA Online Lets Us Teleport To a Road

A youtuber presented a simple trick that allows GTA Online players to easily teleport to the nearest road.

If you're stuck in the mountains and don't want to return on foot, this simple trick will certainly prove useful.

A few days ago youtuber Toxic Misfits presented his viewers a simple trick that enables GTA Online players to quickly teleport themselves to the nearest road. The trick can be useful when, for example, we get lost in the mountains without a car and want to avoid a tedious journey on the foot.

To do this, we have to get one of these mini-vehicles: RC Bandito, RC Tank, or Nano Dron. They will automatically be moved to the nearest road, but we should know that after leaving it we will normally return to the previous location of our character. However, the self-destruction of a given vehicle will cause our character to teleport to the place where we blew up the vehicle. Detailed instructions on how to do this can be found in the video below.

GTA Online still surprises with interesting little glitches, but sometimes they can make the fun more difficult. Not so long ago we wrote about the fact that one of the players lost a car won in the casino as a result of a bug. However, at the beginning of this month an interesting glitch was discovered, which enabled players to become immortal.

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