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News hardware & software 15 October 2020, 19:32

author: Christian Pieniazek

Sony Presents PS5's Interface

Sony has unveiled its cards related to the interface of PlayStation 5. The Japanese giant has released an extensive video showing the key features of the new menu.

  1. Sony presented the interface of PlayStation 5;
  2. In the extensive video we can see, among other things, a control panel, which will be a kind of command center when gaming, as well as activities enabling us to jump quickly to specific levels or challenges in the game;
  3. We were also allowed to take a look at the main screen of the new menu and informed that the new PlayStation Store will be fully integrated into the system.

Less than a month before the debut of PlayStation 5, Sony presented its interface to the world. The official PlayStation blog features a short entry, with the developers highlighting two new features. The first one will be the Control Center, which will give us instant access to the most important options. The second will be Activities, enabling us to quickly jump to specific levels or challenges in the game. For more information on how PlayStation 5's interface will look like, please see the video below.

Although PlayStation 5's interface may be a bit like the menu of Sony's previous console, it was designed completely from scratch. The aforementioned control panel will be seen primarily when we put the console to sleep during gameplay and then restart it after a while. Not only will it enable us to return to the game immediately, but it will also give us access to, among other things, the lists of friends and games downloaded in the background or enable us to manage the options for powering accessories and devices.

The integrated cards also attract attention, allowing for various interactions with games. Among them we can find, among others, messages from the creators, screenshots or gameplay recordings, as well as the aforementioned activities. Interestingly, based on our previous achievements, the console will try to predict how long it will take us to complete a given level or challenge. In addition, some games will receive official Game Help, but only available to PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Sony Presents PS5s Interface - picture #1
The control panel, which is our command center in games.

The video above also reserves some space for voice chat and capabilities offered by parties (like watching a game broadcast by a friend even when we are playing another game). In the second half, however, we can take a look at the main interface screen, which is reminiscent of the one on PlayStation 4, and find out about the brand new PlayStation Store, which has been integrated into the system; unfortunately, the Japanese giant hasn't yet shown a new version of its digital shop.

  1. PS5 - official website
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