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News hardware & software 21 November 2019, 13:39

author: Konrad Serafinski

Steam Remote Play Together Launches; You Can Play on Android and iOS

Remote Play Together debuted on Steam. This function enables us to play streamed video games together. And best of all, only the host must have the game - others can join in even on Android and iOS devices.

Valve is bowing to the "couch" players.

Steam has seen the official release of the long-awaited Remote Play Together feature. The option, which has been in beta-tests for the last few weeks, has finally come to light. Remote Play Together enables us to share our multiplayer games with our friends via the local network or the Internet. Most importantly, only one player (the host) needs to have a copy of the game. They launche it and invite the others to play. The whole process is simplest to present in a few steps:

  1. Start your game (by being the host);
  2. Select multiple players from the Friends list (four or more if you have a fast connection);
  3. Your friends accept the invitation and you can play together.

An interesting novelty is also the combination of Together with the Anywhere feature (enabling us to stream gameplay on smartphones, tablets, TVs and other computers). From now on, it's enough for the host to run the game on their computer, and other players can join in the fun anywhere on their mobile device. All the necessary applications and a short instruction manual can be found at this address.

You're probably wondering if this really works? For the purpose of this text I conducted a short test and did not notice any problems. Admittedly, in my library there was only one title I could play with someone else (sorry people, I play mainly on PS4), but I did not experience annoying delays or artifacts. On the contrary, everything went surprisingly smoothly. Here you will find a list of all the games that support Remote Play Together.

On the occasion of the launch, Valve has decided to begin a sale, which will last until November 25. All the games covered by the promotion support Remote Play Together.

  1. Steam - official website
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