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News video games 22 July 2022, 11:08

author: Adrian Werner

The Last of Us Remake on Official Materials; Naughty Dog Reacts to Leaks

In response to the voices of players disappointed by what the leaked footage from The Last of Us: Part I, the developers have released an official video showing the changes.

Naughty Dog has released a video showing the attractions it will offer in the remake of The Last of Us: Part I. The video is accompanied by an article on the official PlayStation blog.

All this seems to be a reaction to recent leaked footage from the game. Many players were disappointed by the scale of visible changes to the game - there were even voices that the project resembles a remaster more than a full remake.

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The developers defend their work, claiming that the changes offered are significant:

  1. The graphics have been redesigned, and the maps are more densely packed with interactive objects.
  2. We can also expect improved physics and more realistic animations.
  3. The remake is also expected to offer gameplay improvements. AI will behave more authentically, such as using cover more efficiently.
  4. In addition, many elements requested by fans have been implemented, such as a speedrunner mode and a permadeath option, in which a character's death will force us to start the game over.
  5. There will also be additional costumes for Ellie and Joel.

It is difficult to judge whether the video footage and the arguments of the developers will convince the disappointed players. After all, one of the most common complaints is that the remake does not make thorough improvements in gameplay. When the project was announced many people expected that in this respect the fame would at least match the improved gameplay from The Last of Us: Part II, which does not seem likely now.

Recall that the remake of The Last of Us is being developed with PlayStation 5 and PC in mind. The console edition will be released on September 2, this year. We'll have to wait longer for the PC edition, and for now the developers are not ready to state when we'll play it.

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