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News 22 July 2021, 16:49

author: Jacob Blazewicz

The Witcher: Monster Slayer Bug Instantly Launches Players to Level 40

The curse of AR games has not spared Witcher: Monster Slayers. After yesterday's launch some players received a huge number of experience points for... completing the tutorial. In fact, some people managed to reach the maximum level of 40.

Reaching the maximum experience level in any game is almost always a huge challenge, requiring many hours of fun (or tedious grind). Especially in the case of mobile productions, which often have options to speed up the process for money. Imagine how surprised were the players, when subsequent users started reporting having achieved the highest level, 40, in The Witcher: Monster Slayers a few minutes or so after the game's launch.

If you have problems with running The Witcher: Monster Slayers we encourage you to check our guide. You can find there, among other things, system requirements and a list of supported phones.

To be fair, "achieved" is used a bit loosely in this context. This is because it did not involve deliberate use of a loophole in the game to quickly accumulate enough experience points. Simply put, some players completed the tutorial and immediately began the adventure with a level 40 account. There were also cases of receiving an absurd amount of XP for the tutorial itself. A little later Spokko studio shut down the servers for the mobile Witcher as part of a technical break which lasted until yesterday at 4 PM local time.

The developers have now fixed the glitches, but it's unclear if they have plans for a complete progress reset, as some players have demanded. This is risky as some people have already taken advantage of microtransactions and bonuses purchased this way could be lost. For now, the team at Spokko is encouraging (via Discord) to contact them by e-mail if they are willing to "get rid of" the extra levels.

It is probably already a tradition that mobile AR games have to face problems at launch. Pokemon GO, which started the fad for AR titles, was initially plagued for server problems and lack of many promised features. But that didn't stop Niantic from conquering the mobile market, and virtually all of the promised features were added in subsequent updates (and with many bonuses). Minecraft Earth was less fortunate, as despite the support of an almost equally recognizable brand, Minecraft's mobile spin-off didn't even last two years. The future will show how it will be in the case of the Polish game.

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