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News video games 13 May 2022, 15:01

author: Miriam Moszczynska

Unofficial Dragon Age Origins Remaster Now Available; Comparison

Dragon Age: Origins has received an unofficial remake. We owe it to the work of one of the community's modders. He managed to improve both the graphics and some gameplay elements.

Dragon Age: Origins is not the youngest game, but it does not look like it will receive an official remaster. Therefore, one of the fans decided to help BioWare by creating a mod, which he called Dragon Age Origins Unoffical Remaster.

The remaster is still far from perfect

These are not my words, but those of the creator himself, who in the description of the mod on Nexus Mods noted that the project is far from being complete.

In addition to technical issues regarding the modification Dalishious and co. also described the most important aspects that the unofficial remaster changed in comparison to Dragon Age: Origins.

  • Textures have been replaced with higher resolution replacements.
  • Meshes in the game have also been swapped out on a similar basis.
  • Skin, hair, and eye colors are now more vibrant.
  • Some custscenes have been changed to increase the cinematic feeling.
  • New options have been added in the character creator as well as some presets.
  • The heads of most NPCs have been changed; they are still recognizable and look less goofy.

Below you will find some screenshots shared by the author. More comparisons to the original Dragon Age: Origins can be find on the mod's page.

Unofficial Dragon Age Origins Remaster Now Available; Comparison - picture #1
Source: Nexus Mods
Unofficial Dragon Age Origins Remaster Now Available; Comparison - picture #2
Source: Nexus Mods

How was the fan remaster made?

In the description of Dragon Age Origins Unofficial Remaster we can read that the author created the improved textures using various techniques. Some of them were generated by AI, some were drawn by hand, and some were borrowed from newer games.

In total, Dalishious and co, has improved both the appearance and operation of more than three thousand files from the original Dragon Age: Origins.

The mod is fresh, but impressive

Dragon Age Origins Unoffical Remaster was released only two days ago, but the players have already managed to express their admiration for the mod's creator. There were also a lot of questions about the patch files, which were not to everyone's liking.

According to the author, some folders can be simply deleted if necessary. This will not affect the work of the mod in any way. Some changes in the appearance of the characters turned out to be debatable, but as Dalishious and co claims - he did it this way, and not differently, because it looks better to him.

Finally, it is worth noting that if you would like to refresh your Dragon Age: Origins experience with this mod, you should first read the FAQ in its description. There you will also find a list of other projects recommended by Dalishious and co.

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