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News video games 23 May 2022, 16:06

author: Miriam Moszczynska

V Rising Devs Attacked for 'Abandoning' Previous Game

The specter of Battlerite has been lingering above V Rising. Some gamers couldn't stand the fact that Stunlock Studios had abandoned two previous projects in favor of the latest survival game.

Sometimes game reviews take on a different function than they should. This is the case with the recently popular V Rising, which just a few days ago was criticized on the account of Stunlock Studios' earlier games - Battlerite and Battlerite: Royale.

What went wrong with Battlerite?

The game, much like V Rising, launched in early access. It enjoyed quite a bit of popularity in it, reaching an activity records up to 45 thousand people (via SteamDB). Over time, these numbers began to dwindle, and Stunlock, not wanting to cling to the failing project, release the last patch for the game in 2019.

There was also an announcement, in which the developers clearly stated that they will now focus on a new work, which, as we can now guess, was V Rising. They were to transfer their experience, gained while working on Battlerite, to the new production, which is why some players notice some similarities between the titles.

It's worth mentioning that what stole the hearts of players in the game abandoned by Stunlock were balanced PvP, high game dynamics, various characters, the lack of pay-to-win elements and movement with WSAD keys, which was and still is a rarity in MOBA games.

Gotta move on

Abandonment of Battlerite wasn't appreciated by certain part of the players, who decided to get back at the creators through review bombing of V Rising. Examples of "reviews" issued by disappointed users can be read below.

"I only bought it because I miss Battlerite, this game is [censored by Steam - ed. note] Another money grav. Maybe instead of creating new games... hire a decent marketing team to revive Battlerite," wrote EREN.

"They gave up on Battlerite for this thing...

Not worth the time/money if you don't like mindless grind and sandboxes with poor visuals; design reminiscent of Battlerite (Fortnite) doesn't suit a dark fantasy with vampires.

The combat system is much worse in comparison to Bloodline Champions or BR.

It remains to be seen how Stunlock will develop this project and, most importantly, for how long, maybe they will succeed. But for now... I have enough dead games by this company in my collection. Thanks, I'm returning it," wrote Ohuevshaya.

We could say that the criticism is unfounded, but looking at the turn of events with Battlerite it's no wonder that fans express their dissatisfaction. After all, we can not be sure that V Rising will not end up similarly.

Review scores improving

Most reviews in the style of those quoted above appeared at the start of early access on Steam. Currently, players are commenting on V Rising are very positively and the game enjoys considerable interest.

If you want to read the data that clearly speak for the popularity of V Rising you can take a look at this news. In turn, you can follow the development of the game in its news page on Steam. It is worth mentioning that Stunlock is also working on introducing the possibility of offline play, which is the to be or not to be for V Rising for many players .

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