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News video games 11 June 2021, 12:15

Warzone Cheater Streams and Tells Players to „Find Another Game”

We have yet another example of just how large the scale of cheating is in Call of Duty: Warzone. During a game, a streamer openly admitted that he was cheating, and told his viewers to „find another game”.

There's no denying that the biggest problem of Call of Duty: Warzone are all kinds of cheaters. The problem exists since the game's very release, despite regular waves of bans. Activision still seems to be losing the fight against cheaters, as evidenced by the recent discovery of Reddit users. One forum member came across a broadcast by streamer AGuyNamedCody, in which he openly admits to cheating.

Streamer admitted that he cheats because he is fed up with other cheaters who spoil his game experience. So he decided to become one of them, as if in protest at Activision's inaction concerning the useless anti-cheat measures. The moment one Twitch chat person asked: "So you want to spoil the game for people who can afford to play an hour a day?", Cody replied: "Yeah, find another game".. When a member of the audience wrote that it was no fun at all to play with cheats, the cheater replied: "I'm having fun, I don't care". You can feel that there's a powerful logic at work behind those statemets.

One would like to make an appropriate comment on this type of behavior, but luckily the players on the Warzone subreddit have done it bluntly enough:

"You can just tell he's a miserable piece of shit and wants to drag everyone else down with him. That's gotta be some of the most pussy shit I've heard in a while, "I got tired of playing against cheaters so I became one" grow a pair...," writes user Fearless_Rutabaga467.

"The amount of times I kill someone and hear them say “Oh he’s hacking” is insane, I bet he’s one of those players who is so shit they just think everyone is hacking," concludes LazeBBQ.

And one of the most spot-on comments:

"The streamer seems to be having as much fun as I imagined a cheater could while playing this game.

See how bored he looks? What's even the point?"

The streamer's Warzone account was banned some time later, which he accepted without much emotion. "Oh no, I'll have to make a new account," he commented ironically.

The whole situation gives us a picture of how much there is to do in Warzone in terms of catching cheaters. Until the situation changes, we wish the players either cheater-free servers or nerves of steel, when they encounter one.

Michal Ciezadlik

Michal Ciezadlik

A semi-pro musician whose passion began in childhood and lives on to this day. When he was a kid, he thought he would become a rock star (and to this day still has a little hope that this will come true). He played in several bands during his high school and college years, but was not successful with any of them, however, he makes his living in part from music – unfortunately, playing pot-boiler kind of music at weddings. He is studying journalism and took his first steps in radio, but he did not stay there long, preferring to look for something else. He took on various jobs, often completely unrelated to his profession; for several years, he even was a bartender. He came Gamepressure in December 2020 and has been a loyal padawan of the Newsroom ever since, although he also worked with Friendly Fire, where he was in charge of its TikTok.


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