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The Thaumaturge Guide

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The Thaumaturge: Dangerous Friends The Thaumaturge guide, walkthrough

Dangerous Friends is the title of the main quest from Act 2 of The Thaumaturge game. This page of the walkthrough explains the search of the apartment of the thaumaturgists, as well as the meetings with the revolutionaries and the doctor Faldaeus Burnakovich.

Last update: 04 March 2024

One of the main quests in The Thaumaturge that takes place in Act 2 is Dangerous Friends. Our walkthrough will help you find out where is the thaumaturges' meeting place and how to search the apartment in Southern Srodmiescie, how to meet Wanda who represents the Revolutionaries, how to contact the doctor and how the meeting with Faldjey Burnakovich will go.

Searching the thaumaturges' meeting place

1 - The Thaumaturge: Dangerous Friends - Main tasks - The Thaumaturge - game guide
  1. You will automatically unlock this quest while completing the All Our Curses main quest. The mission will appear in your journal after the second meeting with Lidia in the dining room of Szulski Family Tenement House, after experiencing the vision featuring Wiktor's father - Stanislaw. You can complete the journal tasks in any order. Ultimately, all of them need to be completed.
  2. The first main objective of the quest is to find your father's friends. Reach the Southern Srodmiescie district. The destination is the southern part of the map marked on the attached image.
2 - The Thaumaturge: Dangerous Friends - Main tasks - The Thaumaturge - game guide
  1. Use perception to find Cigarette Butt and Newspaper Observations. This will unlock The Sad Men Conclusion.
  2. There are 2 men standing in front of the building. You can start a fight or, thanks to the collected traces, use manipulation - a special dialogue option will appear in the conversation to inspire the informant, which requires 2 Mind Dimension points.
  3. Regardless of the variant you chose, enter the apartment. Use perception to find Meeting Place, Conspirator's Trace, Broken Plate, Rabbi's Trace, Box of Cookies Observations. You unlock The Coffee Lover, Mysterious Tenement House, A Sweet Secret Conclusions. Upyr should appear - talk to Salutor to summarize all the main discoveries.

Contacting the Revolutionaries

3 - The Thaumaturge: Dangerous Friends - Main tasks - The Thaumaturge - game guide
  1. Leave the building and reach the Rozycki Bazaar district. Enter At Berk Rotblitz's in the northern part of the map.
  2. You can search for new traces by using perception: Bouquet of Flowers, Worker Magazine and Worker Leaflets. You will discover At Berk Rotblitz's Conclusion.
  3. Take the back door to the basement. You will meet Wanda in the new room - ask her about the doctor. You will receive several different variants of special dialogue options that are related to different Dimensions. This is not a crucial choice - you will always be able to continue the quest.

Waiting for the doctor's response

4 - The Thaumaturge: Dangerous Friends - Main tasks - The Thaumaturge - game guide
  1. Wiktor must wait for contact from the doctor - you cannot continue the quest immediately. Take care of other main tasks from the journal.
  2. After completing the Clay Ambitions main quest, go down to the ground floor of the Szulski Family Tenement House. Wanda should appear at the main character's house - talk to her. Ask her about the doctor's response.

Meeting with the mysterious doctor

5 - The Thaumaturge: Dangerous Friends - Main tasks - The Thaumaturge - game guide
  1. Go to the Southern Srodmiescie district and once again visit the apartment you searched at the very beginning of the quest.
  2. After entering, sit on the sofa to wait for Faldjey Burnakovich. Discuss the topic of the father's grimoire and choose any reason for wanting to acquire it. Special dialogue options for different Dimensions may appear during this dialog - you can use them to hide the truth. If you have insufficient number of points, only the "regular" answer will be selectable.
  3. At the end of the meeting, you will find out that Faldjey wanted to test Wiktor's skills. You will learn about plans to rebuild the Coterie, but you do not have to choose your affiliation now.
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