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The Thaumaturge Guide by

The Thaumaturge Guide

Table of Contents

The Thaumaturge: List of all bosses The Thaumaturge guide, walkthrough

Bosses are the most difficult opponents of The Thaumaturge game. In our guide you will find a summary of all the main bosses, along with information on when confrontations with different types of Salutors occur.

Last update: 06 March 2024

During your adventures in The Thaumaturge, you'll often have to face strong bosses who most of the time are hostile Salutors. On this page of our guide, you can find a complete list of bosses encountered both in story and side quests. We also mention in what missions these battles take place.

List of bosses

  1. Bukavac - this is the first boss of the game, encountered already in the Prologue i.e. Shadows of Sins Past story quest. In the provided link, we show how to reach the area with the boss, and what unique attacks the boss has in his repertoire.
  2. Veles is a Salutor who reveals himself during the seance in The Imperial Hotel, which is an event from The Reptilian Bash story quest. Here we provide a description of the encounter, including a breakdown of Veles' unique moveset.
  3. Lelek - you face this creature during the russian roulette sequence in the Bastards of the Night story quest. On this page, we show how to make the Salutor appear and how to attack him efficiently.
  4. Morana - this Salutor is associated with the serial killer from Powisle, whom Wiktor stops during the The Art of Dying and Horses in the sky side quests. You will find out who the person with the Flaw is and how to defeat Morana.
  5. Djinn - this optional Salutor can be recruited in the Mirow district when hunting the thief Leila during the Fearless side quest. You will learn how to deal with the Salutor's attacks and how to defeat him.
  6. Golem - this large Salutor hunts Wiktor and his family. The opportunity to stop him appears during the ritual in the synagogue in the Clay Ambitions main quest. We explain how to get the optional fight with the Golem.
  7. Krampus - a well-hidden Salutor associated with the warehouse in the Port Praga, which is visited during A rod for the hero side quest. We show where to find a person with a Flaw and how to defeat Krampus.
  8. Ivan Konechkin - this is the only character on the list who does not have supernatural abilities. Fight with Ivan in the Szulski family home is one of the more difficult regular fights in The Last Days of Summer quest.
  9. Final boss - one of the game's endings forces you to fight the final boss who can be a challenge. We described this battle from the Waiting for a Miracle main quest in the Dolina Szwajcarska Park.
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