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The Thaumaturge Guide

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The Thaumaturge: Quitting Time The Thaumaturge guide, walkthrough

Quitting Time is a side quest in the game The Thaumaturge from the strike of workers working for Neumayer. This walkthrough page describes all the variations on how to end the strike in Downtown South, how to meet with Abaurycy and how to search Neumayer's office.

Last update: 04 March 2024

Another one of the side quests received from Aubarycy in The Traumaturge is Quitting Time taking place in Southern Srodmiescie district. Our walkthrough shows when can you initiate the quest, how to get information from workers in London Bar, where to find and how to correctly examine Neumayer's office, where to find Rutkowski, Rudy, and Neumayer, and finally ways of getting the conflicted parties to reach an agreement.

Warning - This quest has a time limit (Availability of this quest is limited). Don't put it off for later. Leaving the quest aside while progressing with the main story may deprive you of a chance to complete it.

Unlocking the side quest

1 - The Thaumaturge: Quitting Time - Side quests - The Thaumaturge - game guide
  1. Quitting Time can be initiated the earliest after advancing to Act 2 of the story. To start the quest, travel to Southern Srodmiescie during daylight hours. You should see the quest marker before the entrance to London Bar - we show it in the screenshot above.
  2. Before the bar, Abaurycy and Tobiasz Fejgin are engaging in a conversation. Join them and then go inside the bar to finish up matters with Abaurycy. You will learn about the workers' strike and their conflict with Neumayer. You'll unlock Company Headquarters observation.

Following Janusz's thoughts

2 - The Thaumaturge: Quitting Time - Side quests - The Thaumaturge - game guide
  1. While in the bar, look for Janusz and Mariuszek. The conversations with them are optional.
  2. However, you can learn more about the strike from them - choose the compliment dialogue option and offer them vodka. Next, ask the men for the reasons why they have been let go and about Janusz's lover. This will unlock Budding Feeling observation.
  3. If the conversation went well, you'll be able to follow Janusz's thoughts to an area of the bar marked in the screenshot above - there you'll find an object that unlocks Love Letter observation. You can either put the letter away or examine it more closely. Watch out for a potential combat sequence where you'll face the disgruntled workers.

Examining Neumayer's office

3 - The Thaumaturge: Quitting Time - Side quests - The Thaumaturge - game guide
  1. Leave the bar. Before you proceed to the strike area, you can follow one of the red trails west. In one of the western streets of the district, there is Neumayer's office - we show this location in the screenshot above.
  2. Before you enter, you can collect the following observations outside - Inconvenient Article, Note in the Window, and Office Door. This will unlock The Search for Neumayer and Opportunity Makes A... conclusions.
  3. Look for the key to Neumayer's office on the ground - with it, you'll be able to enter the building.
4 - The Thaumaturge: Quitting Time - Side quests - The Thaumaturge - game guide
  1. Inside the office, use Perception to find Accounts Ledger, Telephone, Purchase Offer, and Painting Entitled Bucephalus observations.
  2. The office phone will ring - answer it. If you approach the conversation correctly, you'll learn Neumayer's secret - answer the call (first option) and ask about the saddle (screenshot above - third option - you've learned about the saddle and the horse from the painting on the wall).

Finding a way to end the strike

5 - The Thaumaturge: Quitting Time - Side quests - The Thaumaturge - game guide
  1. A sewage system is being built in the eastern part of the district. This is the location where Neumayer and striking workers are found.
  2. After approaching the group of characters, a cut-scene depicting heated situation will play. Starting off, you can support Neumayer (the side of German employer) or Rudy (workers) or stay silent - this decision won't affect the outcome of the quest. You can also provide the reason for your arrival (e.g. invoke Abaurycy). The Impasse observation will be unlocked.
  3. Ask Neumayer about the reason for the strike and aggressive behavior of workers. This will unlock Short Fuse and No Way Out? observations and Neumayer's Situation conclusion.
6 - The Thaumaturge: Quitting Time - Side quests - The Thaumaturge - game guide
  1. From now on, you can proceed in one of three ways and each will affect the course and the outcome of the quest.
  2. If you have previously visited Neumayer's office and learned of his horse (the painting on the wall) the option to manipulate Neumayer will appear among the dialogue options - it requires 4 Word Dimension points. Following this action, Wiktor will convince Neumayer to sell the horse and with the money received, pay off the workers. This will allow for an agreement between parties, and the strike will end.
7 - The Thaumaturge: Quitting Time - Side quests - The Thaumaturge - game guide
  1. Another variant comes into play if you use Perception to scan the vicinity of the crowd of workers. This will unlock Lunch observation. If you have previously read the letter in London Bar, a new conclusion - The Downtown Casanova - will be unlocked.
  2. With this evidence, you can talk to Rutkowski to reveal the affair of his wife. As proof, you'll read a fragment of the found love letter. Rutkowski will convince his colleagues to back down and the strike will end. You can advise on the terms of the agreement or stay silent.
8 - The Thaumaturge: Quitting Time - Side quests - The Thaumaturge - game guide
  1. Another variant involves talking to Rudy - one of the workers on strike. After the first conversation, you can follow Rudy's thoughts (red traces).
  2. The trail will lead Wiktor to the western part of the district (screenshot above). Here is where you can scan Bucket trace and thus unlock Warpath conclusion.
  3. Return to Rudy. Thanks to new developments, an option to manipulate the worker will appear. Activating this dialogue option requires 2 Heart Dimension points. Rudy will take a swing at Neumayer, and the German will decide to not fire all of the workers.

Completing the quest

  1. Regardless of the chosen variant, after solving the problem you need to get back to Abaurycy in London Bar and tell him of the developments.
  2. XP is the only reward you'll receive, but another quest from Abaurycy will be available - Here We Go Again.
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