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The Thaumaturge Guide by

The Thaumaturge Guide

Table of Contents

The Thaumaturge: Game length The Thaumaturge guide, walkthrough

In addition to the main storyline, The Thaumaturge offers side quests, urban secrets and various finds. This guide page explains how long it takes to complete all 3 acts of the main storyline and how extensive the game's optional content is (secrets, small quests, exploring 100% of Warsaw).

Last update: 05 March 2024

How long does it take to achieve 100% completion of The Thaumaturge? On this page of our guide, you can find an extensive answer to this question - here we explain how long is the main storyline, how completing side quests adds to that time, and finally how long the game may last if you collect every possible secret and explore every district of Warsaw thoroughly.

Main plot, important choices and endings

1 - The Thaumaturge: Game length - Appendix - The Thaumaturge - game guide
  1. The main story of The Thaumaturge consists of 20 missions, most of them quite extensive. Completing the main campaign alone will take you at least 20 hours. This is assuming you won't skip dialogues and decide on a difficulty level harder than the easiest one, as fights on the lowest difficulty level are not that tough and are won in a much shorter time.
  2. Seeing everything there is to the story, such as different outcomes of major choices and all possible endings may prolong this time. Depending on the case, you may need to replay a single scene, an entire quest or a series of quests. In such a situation, your playthrough may encompass a few additional hours.
  3. In addition to the main story, there are several side missions to complete, and many of them are multifaceted and complex. The quest to unlock and complete all optional missions may lengthen the experience by about 5 to 10 additional hours.

Collectibles, Urban Secrets, and exploring Warsaw

2 - The Thaumaturge: Game length - Appendix - The Thaumaturge - game guide
  1. There is a large number of collectibles to find in The Thaumaturge and reaching every last secret may be time-consuming, as some have additional prerequisites prior to collecting them. The game also features a category of smaller quests called Urban Secrets - in each of them, you need to find every required trace and then the quest location. Completing every Urban Secret there is may prolong the game by 10 or more hours.
  2. Finally, you can devote time to thoroughly search all districts of Warsaw. This task is additionally made more difficult by the fact that some activities and collectibles may appear only at a given time of the day. This means each district has to be scoured a few times.
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