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The Thaumaturge Guide by gamepressure.com

The Thaumaturge Guide

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The Thaumaturge: Shadows of Sins Past The Thaumaturge guide, walkthrough

Shadows of Old Sins is the main quest of the prologue of the game The Thaumaturge. From the soluction in our guide you will learn where Rasputin's items are, where to find the person with the Taint in the village, how to manipulate the coachman and how to get to the forest clearing.

Last update: 19 February 2024

In The Thaumaturge, you must finish a long prologue, which is the main quest Shadows of Sins Past. Our guide provides a detailed explanation of how to complete this quest, including instructions on reaching the miracle worker in the village, locating Rasputin's items in the tavern, identifying the person with flaw in the village, using manipulation on the coachman, examining the cemetery and burned homestead, unlocking the conversation with Vesna, and traveling to the forest in order to end the confrontation.

Finding the miracle worker in the village

1 - The Thaumaturge: Shadows of Sins Past - Main tasks - The Thaumaturge - game guide
  1. The game begins at the train station, and your first quest is to send a telegram. Choosing an option while talking to a post office worker doesn't matter.
  2. You can find letters and newspapers - collecting them grants small amounts of XP. Exit the building and head down the screen to meet the coachman. He can take Wiktor to the village. The prologue now officially begins.
2 - The Thaumaturge: Shadows of Sins Past - Main tasks - The Thaumaturge - game guide
  1. The coachman will direct you towards the tavern in the village. A group of deserters is hanging out in front of the tavern. For the first time, you have the opportunity to use the Proud dialogue option related to Wiktor's flaw. This dialogue option can "load" the flaw, and choosing it is always optional.
  2. The deserters must be defeated in the first fight. Get familiar with the main tutorials. We recommend attacking the opponents one at the time, which will lead to a one-on-one confrontation faster.
  3. Spend the first Thaumaturgy point on purchasing any new skill. Enter the tavern. The character you are looking for is Rasputin - he is standing in the eastern part of the building.

Searching the tavern and finding Rasputin's items

3 - The Thaumaturge: Shadows of Sins Past - Main tasks - The Thaumaturge - game guide
  1. You must prove to Rasputin your ability to control thaumaturgy. You automatically unlock the observation of Prayer Beads and the first conclusion.
  2. Use your perception to scan the interior of the tavern. You can find further traces - observations. These are Prayer Book, Haircloth, and Dirty Bowl.
  3. Wiktor is unable to examine all the traces, which will be labeled with a padlock - we have described this issue on the page What does Dimension force too low mean?. After discovering the traces, return to Rasputin. After that, you'll find yourself in another dimension - follow the only possible path.

Finding the person with a Flaw in the village

4 - The Thaumaturge: Shadows of Sins Past - Main tasks - The Thaumaturge - game guide
  1. You'll simultaneously receive 2 new quest objectives. You can switch between them (E key). The red circle on the map symbolizes the search area for the person from the village. This is a new part of the village that was unlocked after meeting Rasputin.
  2. Explore new areas using perception and you might uncover new traces. In the area there is a trace to discover - Protective Charm (it hangs above the gate).
  3. The first important trace is the Dropped Apple, and it's located next to the well and the tavern (in the above picture). Trying to examine it will result in a meeting with Vesna, who is heading towards her home.
5 - The Thaumaturge: Shadows of Sins Past - Main tasks - The Thaumaturge - game guide
  1. In the central part of the village is the hut of the Wise Woman. Find there the observation of Dead Goose and join the conversation (trace The Conflicted Neighbors). You are free to choose either side. One of the options is to calm Anatoly down - this is possible thanks to 1 Heart Dimension point. Choosing a variant doesn't influence further events.
  2. Enter the Wise Woman hut. You can find a trace of the Saint's Icon in it. You need to find traces in other locations before all the dialogue options become available for the meeting with the Wise Woman. Talk about the only available topic, and you'll discover information about Salutor Bukavac.
  3. After leaving the hut, find an additional trace Salt on the Doorstep.
6 - The Thaumaturge: Shadows of Sins Past - Main tasks - The Thaumaturge - game guide
  1. Vesna's house is on a hill in the western part of the village. You'll find Wooden Box observation there.
  2. When you try to meet Vesna, neighbors will stop you - you have to fight 2 opponents. The fight contains a tutorial on exhausting focus. You'll unlock the observation The Village Residents.
  3. Unfortunately, Vesna initially doesn't want to leave the house to answer Wiktor's questions. Next to Vesna's house you can find observations: Dish Shards and Damaged Axe Shaft. You'll unlock a new conclusion Domestic Squabbles.

Locating Rasputin in the cemetery

7 - The Thaumaturge: Shadows of Sins Past - Main tasks - The Thaumaturge - game guide
  1. Head back to the coachman, south of the main part of the village. Speak to the man who won't be eager to travel. Stop the conversation.
  2. You have unlocked the perception Coachman. Use your perception to locate the traces of Shovel and Rag next to the carriage. You can unlock the Coachman conclusion and use manipulation on the coachman (you already have 1 Heart Dimension point).
  3. You'll reach the cemetery. Nearby, there's an observation to discover: Elder Vasili's Grave (requires 1 Deed Dimension point - if necessary, return here later after developing your character).
  4. Talk to Raspitun, he will stand next to the mourners. You unlock the traces of Doom, The Elder's Death, and Superstitions.

Searching Vasily's burned homestead

8 - The Thaumaturge: Shadows of Sins Past - Main tasks - The Thaumaturge - game guide
  1. Return to the coachman and select a new location as your destination - Burned Homestead.
  2. There's a whole new area marked with a red circle to explore. We recommend using your perception frequently. You'll find observations Door Frame, Place of Death, Rag Doll (will appear in the inventory as a quest item), and Belt (required 1 point of Deed Dimension).
  3. Upyr will appear in the center of the farm (picture above) - interact with him. You will watch the reconstruction, and also unlock the observation Vesna's Trace and the conclusion Vesna.
  4. A group of deserters will appear, you must fight with them. After the clash, talk to Raspitun and return to the village.

Conversation with Vesna

9 - The Thaumaturge: Shadows of Sins Past - Main tasks - The Thaumaturge - game guide
  1. Once again, reach Vesna's house in the western part of the village. Upyr should appear in front of the house - interact. You unlock the observation Luke's Trace. Knock on the door again to receive Vesna about Luka trace and Luka conclusion.
  2. You need to convince the woman to leave - use the Heart Dimension dialogue option (1 point) or tell her about the Rag Doll taken from the Burned Homestead. In both cases, Vesna will leave the house and you'll talk to her.
  3. Before you leave the village, it's worth visiting Wise Woman's hut again. You can now choose 2 new dialogue options, which have been unlocked by the ongoing investigation. You'll get the traces of Wise Woman's Recollections, The Elder's Temper, and Murderess. You'll also unlock the conclusions of The Elder Vasili and Lost in time. When you try to talk to Vesna again, you'll learn that she has vanished from the village.

Reaching the forest clearing

10 - The Thaumaturge: Shadows of Sins Past - Main tasks - The Thaumaturge - game guide
  1. From Vesna you learned that Luka is in the Forest Clearing. Return to the coachman and ask him to travel to this place.
  2. Upon reaching the forest, you'll encounter Vesna, and then engage in a battle with the Bukavac boss - defeating this Salutor is detailed in the Bosses chapter. After the fight, you will unlock the Flaw of Vehemence and also subjugate Bukavac, who will now be able to support Wiktor in battles.

Sending a telegram and completing the quest

11 - The Thaumaturge: Shadows of Sins Past - Main tasks - The Thaumaturge - game guide
  1. You will regain control over Wiktor at the well-known railway station. Step inside. When attempting to send a new telegram, you'll receive an important message from the main character's sister.
  2. You'll talk to Raspitun (the dialogue options don't matter) and go on a train journey to Warsaw. Act 1 and the new main quest The Mermaid City's Son will begin in this location.
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