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The Thaumaturge Guide

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The Thaumaturge: How to beat Ivan Konechkin? The Thaumaturge guide, walkthrough

Ivan Konieczkin is one of the more difficult human opponents from the game The Thaumaturge. From this guide page, you'll learn how to defeat Ivan's boss and his guard at the Szulski Family Tenement House in the main quest The Last Day of Summer.

Last update: 06 March 2024

Ivan Konechkin in The Traumaturge is an enemy not falling into the category of Salutors, nor characters endowed with supernatural abilities. However, he can be called a boss because he is more demanding than common enemies. On this page of our guide, you can find information when the battle takes place during the course of The Last Days of Summer quest and how to damage the boss and defeat his aides.

Where is Ivan Konechkin?

1 - The Thaumaturge: How to beat Ivan Konechkin? - Bosses - The Thaumaturge - game guide
  1. Iwan Konechkin is a character who appears in multiple instances thoroughout the game, although initial meetings do not lead to any fights.
  2. The confrontation with Ivan will take place after starting The Last Days of Summer main quest - this is one of the final quests after passing the so-called point of no return.
  3. After going down to the ground floor of the Szulski Family Tenement House, talk to Ligia. After the conversation, Ivan and his guards will appear, with plans to arrest the protagonist. No matter the dialogue options you choose, this meeting will end in a battle against the Ochranka agent and his men.

How to defeat Ivan?

2 - The Thaumaturge: How to beat Ivan Konechkin? - Bosses - The Thaumaturge - game guide
  1. You are not alone in this fight - Abaurycy will join the battle, becoming a temporary ally of Wiktor. It is worth to observe what he does - who is he planning to attack and by which opponent he is being targeted by.
  2. There are a total of 3 enemies to defeat, with Ivan Konechkin being the strongest of them. He has 60 health points and an additional Recovery trait that replenishes a portion of his health every turn. You can remove the trait only if your Word Dimension is developed to at least 6 points.
3 - The Thaumaturge: How to beat Ivan Konechkin? - Bosses - The Thaumaturge - game guide
  1. Start the battle by targeting both aides. Attack them one by one. They receive new Traits every turn. If your Dimensions are levelled enough, you can remove them at first opportunity. Otherwise, highlight opponents before every attack to learn their current Traits.
  2. If your Dimensions are not developed enough to remove Ivan's traits, rely on slow strong attacks that can take at least 20-30 health points per attack. The point is to make Ivan lose more HP in each turn than he can replenish thanks to the Trait. You can also rely on abilities that delay the boss's turns. This will make Ivan have less actions, resulting in less health replenished.
  3. When it comes to attacks, Ivan's each hit deals on average several points of damage. To avoid dying, use good healing skills from your Salutors.

End of the fight

4 - The Thaumaturge: How to beat Ivan Konechkin? - Bosses - The Thaumaturge - game guide
  1. You will not receive any special reward for defeating Ivan Koniechkin. But you can decide on his further fate. If Wiktor's Pride is high enough, the hero can make the decision to shoot Ivan.
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