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The Thaumaturge Guide

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The Thaumaturge
The Thaumaturge
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The Thaumaturge: List of all main and side quests, walkthrough The Thaumaturge guide, walkthrough

While playing Wiktor in The Thaumaturge, you can complete various main and side quests. This page of the guide contains a summary of all quests - it will allow you to avoid missing an optional mission, as well as determine how far you are left to complete the game.

Last update: 07 March 2024

Not all quests in The Thaumaturge begin automatically. This is where our guide can help - on this page, you can find a list of all possible main and side quests in the game, along with links to the individual parts of our walkthrough. This will make it easier for you to discover and complete 100% of the quests available in the game.

Main quests

  1. Shadows of Sins Past - this is a long prologue quest happening entirely in Transcaucasia region. On this page, we show where to find the Miracle Worker and Flawed person in the village, how to correctly question Vesna, and how to reach the Forest Clearing.
  2. The Mermaid City's Son - starts after you arrive in Warsaw. We show how to get out of the kettling incident, how to reach the funeral service in Powazki, and how to return to the Szulski Family Tenement House.
  3. What We Leave Behind - in this mission, Wiktor investigates the circumstances of his father's death. In our guide, we show how to correctly examine the study in Szulski Family Tenement House, how to question Ligia, and where the ruins that you need to search are located.
  4. Taming Darkness in this task, Wiktor meets with Rasputin. You will also find out when possible follow-ups to this quest may appear in your Journal.
  5. The Reptilian Bash - during this mission, Wiktor will participate in a soiree happening in The Imperial Hotel. On the page, we show how to prepare for the party, as well as how to correctly examine the seance room and where to find Svetlana and the Flawed person.
  6. Bastards of the Night - in this mission, you're tasked with renewing your acquaintance with Abaurycy. On the lnked page, we show how to escape London Bar, where is the Flawed person, and how to provoke the Salutor Lelek.
  7. To Dust, You Shall Return - this quest is about getting Svetlana out of Warsaw. We inform how to escort Svetlana to the Port Praga, how to win fights in the dungeon, and where Javier is.
  8. All Our Curses - the main objective of this quest is to get help in lifting the Golem's curse. We described, among other things, the search of the father's office and the Szulski Family Shop, the visit to the Nozyk Synagogue, and the meeting with Mordechaj.
  9. Children of Satan - this shorter main quest involves taking part in Rasputin's speech in the Nadarzynski family apartment. You will find out what role Wiktor may get.
  10. Dangerous Friends - in this quest, Wiktor plans to establish contact with thaumaturges living in Warsaw. We described all the steps leading to the meeting with Faldjey.
  11. A Great Uproar - in this quest, the hero must find Ariel Rofe. We show, among other things, how to search Ariel's apartment and how to arrange a meeting in the Rozycki Bazaar district.
  12. Clay Ambitions - this is an important quest in which you free yourself from the Golem with the help of new friends. We described the preparations for the ritual in the dungeon of the Nozyk Synagogue and the important choice regarding Ariel and the Golem.
  13. The Devil's Gambit - this quest contains a point of no return, crossing which means advancing to the game's finale and canceling side quests. We also described the course of the exorcism on Szymek.
  14. In the Abyss - in this quest, Wiktor must escape from the Citadel. We explain, e.g. how to leave the cell, how the interrogation with Ivan and Samira might proceed, and where to find the father's grimoire.
  15. Something Ends, Something Begins - this is a shorter story quest in which Wiktor must search Faldjey's apartment and meet the old man.
  16. At the Crossroads - in this quest, you have to meet Rasputin. We suggest, e.g. how to get out of the Rozycki Bazaar district and how to prepare for a conversation with Rasputin in Powisle.
  17. A Fourth for Bridge - this is one of the last main quests and your objective is to meet Ariel Rofe again. We explain where Ariel is staying and how important choices affect the meeting.
  18. The Last Days of Summer - this is a very important quest in which you choose the game's ending. We also described how meetings with Stanislaw and Ligia can proceed.
  19. Waiting for a Miracle - this is the final quest of Rasputin's storyline. We described, among other things, getting into the Tsar's party, learning about Rasputin's plans, and possible variants during the meeting with the Tsar.
  20. Close to the Apple Tree - this is the last quest of the Coterie storyline. We inform, e.g. how to infiltrate the Dolina Szwajcarska Park, how to meet with Skalon, and what the final confrontation with the Tsar looks like.

Side quests

  1. The Tailor's Dilemmas - in this side task, Wiktor attempts to help Tailor find inspiration. Here we show where to find new trails related to the mission and how finding them unlocks new outfits for Wiktor.
  2. The Art of Dying - this side quest sees you track down Salutor Moran. On the page, we show how to examine the crime scene, how to find the Flawed person, and how the confrontation with Kajetan plays out.
  3. Horses in the sky - this is the second side quest in which you stop the Fisherman in Powisle. We inform, among other things, how to gain access to the victim's body, how to free Kajetan from prison, and how to stop the real murderer.
  4. They're alive - in this mission, Wiktor is tasked with stopping further hostilities from WAS organization. On this page, we show how to examine the cemetery, where is WAS headquarters located, and possible ending variants of the quest.
  5. The Price of Friendship - during this mission, Wiktor is tasked with investigating the causes of Ludwig's death in The Imperial Hotel. In the provided link, we show how to start the quest, how to correctly interrogate Petya and other NPCs, and how the situation can evolve into different ending variants.
  6. Fearless - this is a quest in which Wiktor must catch the thief Leila in the Mirow district. You will learn how to get the Djinn Salutor, where Leila is and how to confront the woman.
  7. Memory Horizon - this is a quest related to visions of events from Wiktor's past. We show how to start the quest and how to watch the next visions with Upyr's help.
  8. Veiled with holiness - this is a small quest in which you visit to an Orthodox church in Praga. You will find out when the quest will be unlocked and where to find all the related traces.
  9. Quitting Time - in this quest you have to solve the problem of the strike in Southern Srodmiescie. We explain who the parties to the conflict are, as well as all possible variants for ending the strike.
  10. First Page - this quest involves an investigation ordered by Tobiasz Fejgin. We show how to start this quest, how to extract information from Krystian Krol and where to find the Lechites hideout.
  11. A rod for the hero - this quest takes place in the Port Praga district, where you can find Salutator Krampus. We explain how to gain access to the warehouse and how to search it, as well as how to follow Edek.
  12. Cognitive Function - this is the quest of the Flying University in which you have to steal a volume from the Antiquarian Bookshop. We show the course of the investigation and how to identify the book thiefs.
  13. A Story of One Lecture - this is the second quest of the Flying University, in which Wiktor will give a lecture in the Szulski Family Tenement House. We advise on how to prepare for the lecture and where the props are.
  14. Here We Go Again - this is Abaurycy's last side quest, in which Wiktor will help his companion in locating Kafar. You will find out how the confrontation in the warehouse can proceed.
  15. The Mysteries of Faith - this smaller quest involves investigating the site of the attack on a brothel in the Powisle district. We inform about the traces that can be discovered.
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