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Fallout: New Vegas news and interesting facts

Fallout's Popularity Causes Issues on Largest Mod Site; Steam Player Numbers Reflect It

Adrian Werner, 22 April 2024, 23:00

Encouraged by the success of the Fallout series, players rushed to install game mods, leading to an overload of the NexusMods site's servers.

Fallout 3 or New Vegas, That is the Question, Which One to Pick

Agnes Adamus, 22 April 2024, 06:53

Do you want to start your adventure with Fallout games? From this guide you will find out which title is better to begin with – Fallout 3 or Fallout New Vegas.

Can you Romance in Fallout New Vegas? Explained

Olga Fiszer, 22 April 2024, 04:59

Fancy a bit of Romance in Fallout New Vegas? Learn about all available Sleeping Partners in the game.

Is Fallout New Vegas on PS4 and PS5 in 2024

Olga Fiszer, 19 April 2024, 04:20

Can you enjoy the classic RPG on your PlayStation? Let’s find out if Fallout New Vegas is available in 2024 on PS5 and PS4.

Fallout New Vegas (FNV) in 2024 - Can You Sprint? Answered

Damian Gacek, 19 April 2024, 03:48

Do you want to sprint in Fallout New Vegas? It might be tricky.

What You Need to Play Fallout New Vegas Today. Best Mods to Get Started

Adrian Werner, 18 April 2024, 05:42

Has the Fallout TV show inspired you to return to the iconic New Vegas? We have prepared for you a guide with basic mods that improve Obsidian studio's RPG.

Fallout TV Series Doesn't Cancel Games That Bethesda Didn’t Make. 'Everything That Happened in the Previous Games, Including New Vegas, Happened'

Adrian Werner, 18 April 2024, 05:37

Todd Howard has spoken out on the plot controversy surrounding the Fallout series, assuring that the TV adaptation doesn't erase anything that happened in the games. NOTE: spoilers.

Cooper Howard, The Ghoul, Role in Fallout New Vegas Explained

Damian Gacek, 16 April 2024, 07:23

The Ghoul is a popular character in the Fallout TV series. He is one of the main protagonists, and people are looking for his traces in Fallout New Vegas. Let's talk about it.

Is Fallout New Vegas Canon? FO4 Dev Confirmed Chronology of Games and Amazon’s Series

Adrian Werner, 12 April 2024, 04:01

One of the lead developers of Fallout 3 and 4 confirmed that New Vegas is still part of the series' canon, despite the doubts raised after the release of Amazon's series.

Years Ago, Obsidian Wanted to Make Fallout: NV Inspired The Elder Scrolls, but Bethesda Refused

Maciej Gaffke, 18 December 2023, 15:31

Famed designer Chris Avellone recalled the time when Bethesda Softworks rejected the idea of Obsidian Entertainment for spin-offs to The Elder Scrolls series. The smaller games were to serve a similar function as New Vegas between the main Fallout installments.

Fallout: New Vegas Director Debunks 13-year-old Myth About Locations

Jacob Blazewicz, 13 October 2023, 05:27

The shortcuts leading to New Vegas were not a mistake of the old Fallout, but an alleged test of player abilities. At least that's what the game's director claims.

New Video From Fallout 4: New Vegas Shows Off Whacky Weapons

Kamil Kleszyk, 06 July 2023, 15:31

The team of modders working on a redesign of Fallout: New Vegas will put a sizable arsenal of energy weapons in the hands of Fallout 4 players.

Minor Change to Fallout 4 on Steam Intrigued New Vegas Fans

Marcin Przala, 07 April 2023, 13:08

A minor change in the Steam files of Fallout 4 has reawakened the discussion about the sequel to New Vegas. Some fans, however, approach the new revelations with caution.

Fallout: New Vegas Remaster Would be 'Amazing,' Says Obsidian

Adrian Werner, 28 February 2023, 13:42

The folks at Obsidian Entertainment would like to make a remaster of Fallout: New Vegas, the iconic 2010 RPG.

Fallout 4: New Vegas is Alive and Kicking; New Footage

Adrian Werner, 30 October 2022, 19:50

The authors of Fallout 4: New Vegas have released a sizable amount of footage from the ambitious modification, which will recreate the Fallout: New Vegas campaign on the Fallout 4 engine.

New Fallout From Obsidian Possible; Studio Head Would Love It

Hubert Sledziewski, 17 October 2022, 14:12

Contrary to a recent announcement, Obsidian Entertainment is not ruling out developing a new Fallout completely. The company's founder and head, Feargus Urquhart, even claims that this is his dream.

Obsidian Cuts Off Speculation on New Vegas 2 for Fallout's 25th Anniversary

Agnes Adamus, 12 October 2022, 12:33

The Fallout series is celebrating its 25th birthday. On this occasion, Obsidian denied that it is currently working on Fallout: New Vegas 2.

Fallout: New Vegas Cut Content Restored

Sebastian Grys, 06 September 2022, 14:58

A mod for Fallout: New Vegas restores a number of visual and aesthetic effects removed by Obsidian on PC. The deleted content would slow down the console editions.

Fallout: New Vegas Gets New Fan-made DLC-sized Adventure

Adrian Werner, 19 August 2022, 15:02

The Race To The Bottom mod has been released, enhancing Fallout: New Vegas with a new adventure comparable in size to some official DLCs.

My Fourth Playthrough of Fallout: New Vegas, a Game That Keeps On Giving

Przemyslaw Dygas, 12 May 2022, 13:02

Fallout: New Vegas is buggy as hell, and yet it remains an almost perfect RPG 11 years after release. I could complete it once a year and I probably still wouldn't have enough. I know what I'm talking about, I'm currently completing it for the fourth time.

Fallout: New Vegas 2 Talks in Progress (Rumor)

Michael Zegar, 24 February 2022, 21:44

Insider Jeff Grubb claims that Microsoft is in talks with Obsidian Entertainment regarding a potential Fallout: New Vegas 2. The company is allegedly very interested in the project.

Ambitious Fallout 4 Mod Project Mojave Launches in Early Access

Adrian Werner, 24 October 2021, 21:19

The first, early version of the Project Mojave mod has been released. The aim of the project is to recreate a large part of the content from Fallout: New Vegas in Fallout 4.

Star Wars in Fallout: New Vegas Thanks to Mods

Iltutmis, 09 July 2021, 21:29

A couple of fans are working on a mod converting Fallout: New Vegas into a Star Wars game. I wonder what Disney will think about it?

Modders Port Van Buren Project to Fallout: New Vegas Engine

Przemyslaw Dygas, 30 May 2021, 16:56

Fallout fans have tackled another ambitious project. They intend to recreate Van Buren, a canceled Fallout 3 project by Black Isle, on the New Vegas engine.

Fallout: The Frontier Mod Available Again

Agnes Adamus, 01 February 2021, 20:18

After numerous perturbations, the mod Fallout: The Frontier has been made available again on Nexus Mods. The contribution of the controversial co-creator was cut from the project.

Fallout: The Frontier Mod Removed by Creators in Wake of Scandal

Adrian Piotrowski, 28 January 2021, 15:48

A long-awaited modification for Fallout: New Vegas called The Frontier has been removed because pedophilic material was found in possession of one of the developers.

Fan-made Skyrim Trailer Employs AI-generated Voices

Milosz Szubert, 21 January 2021, 17:10

A very interesting set tools appeared on Nexus Mods. These are speech synthesizers which, thanks to AI and machine learning, are able to imitate voices known, among others, from Skyrim and Fallout 4. With their help one of the fans created an unofficial trailer for The Elder Scrolls 5.

Insider Reveals Fallout New Vegas 2 Release Date

Christian Pieniazek, 20 January 2021, 13:06

Work is reportedly already underway on Fallout: New Vegas 2. YouTuber Tyler McVicker, formerly of Valve News Network, has stated that he has information on this and other Bethesda projects. What's more, he shared their approximate release dates.

Highly Anticipated Mod Fallout: The Frontier Finally Goes Live

Paul Musiolik, 16 January 2021, 18:43

Fallout: New Vegas - The Frontier mod was finally released after years of development. Players can look forward to dozens of hours of fun, new locations and weapons, as well as vehicle driving mechanics.

Mod Will Turn Fallout: New Vegas Into Star Wars RPG

Milosz Szubert, 08 December 2020, 18:18

A mod titled Star Wars Open Worlds is in the works, whose aim is to turn Fallout: New Vegas into an RPG set in the world of Star Wars. It will include 12 planets to explore, as well as fully voiced dialogues and a dedicated storyline.

Fallout 4: New Vegas Mod Gets Anniversary Trailer

Milosz Szubert, 20 October 2020, 15:19

A new trailer for the fan project titled Fallout 4: New Vegas has appeared online. It launched exactly on the tenth anniversary of Obsidian Entertainment's iconic game.

Fallout: New Vegas Mod Overhauling Voices Goes Live

Bart Swiatek, 17 August 2020, 11:19

Fallout: New Vegas received the Brave New World mod, which introduces many changes in the area of voice acting. The creators have re-recorded dialogues of over 140 characters to increase the diversity of voices in Obsidian Entertainment's game.

New Screenshots From Fallout 4: New Vegas Mod

Milosz Szubert, 09 January 2020, 12:31

New screens have appeared on the web, presenting an ambitious fan modification for Fallout 4, which reproduces all the content known from Fallout: New Vegas developed by Obsidian. Work on the project is ongoing and it is not known when it will be released.

Fallout Legacy Collection Leaked

Adrian Werner, 02 October 2019, 10:35

An unannounced position, Fallout Legacy Collection, has appeared on the website of the German Amazon. This is supposed to be a set containing most of the franchise's major installments along with their expansions.

Tale of Two Wastelands: a mod combines Fallout 3 and Fallout NV

Bart Swiatek, 04 December 2018, 15:20

A new version of Tale of Two Wastelands mod has been released. This Fallout New Vegas mod allows you to explore both coasts of post-apocalyptic America with the same character.

Is Chris Avellone to make another Fallout game?

luckie, 05 October 2017, 12:05

What does it mean when someone like Chris Avellone says to Fallout Boy: “I missed you so much”? According to Fallout fans, the co-designer of Fallout 2 and Fallout: New Vegas must be working on another Fallout game.

Obsidian wants to make another Fallout game

luckie, 22 September 2017, 14:07

With Fallout: New Vegas Obsidian Entertainment proved that they ccoul make a great Fallout game. Now the studio says they would gladly do another one.

More info about the next Fallout

Milosz Szubert, 31 January 2017, 15:00

There’s a curious piece of info floating around the web – somebody may be developing a sequel to Fallout: New Vegas, Obsidian’s spin-off to the post-apocalyptic franchise. The game is to be officially revealed during this year’s E3.

Fallout getting a fan-made remake in Fallout: New Vegas

luckie, 27 November 2015, 12:14

The original Fallout is being remade by fans as a Fallout: New Vegas mod. Some of the first game levels are ready now, which you can see on gameplay videos.