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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition news and interesting facts

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Coming to Xbox Game Pass

hexx0, 04 January 2022, 16:29

We got to know the list of games that will hit Game Pass in the first half of January. The biggest hit will undoubtedly be Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. Besides, we'll also be able to play Outer Wilds or Spelunky 2, among other titles.

Mass Effect Devs Want to Help With Amazon's TV Series

Adrian Werner, 27 November 2021, 21:01

Not all BioWare veterans share the opinion of David Gaider, who criticized the idea of a TV adaptation of Mass Effect. The screenwriter and composer of music for the games are excited about the project and would like to help with its realization.

Former BioWare Screenwriter Concerned About TV Adaptation of Mass Effect

Maycuzai, 25 November 2021, 21:10

The former scriptwriter of the Dragon Age series spoke about the alleged TV adaptation of Mass Effect. He presented what challenges the creators of the project will have to face.

Amazon Prime Video Plans a Mass Effect TV Series

Adrian Werner, 24 November 2021, 12:01

Amazon is about to acquire the rights to a TV adaptation of the Mass Effect series. The company invests in fantasy because it brings good effects. The recent premiere of The Wheel of Time was is being said to be a big success for Prime Video.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition May Appear in Game Pass

Adrian Werner, 21 November 2021, 19:54

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will most likely appear in the Xbox Game Pass offer soon. At least, that's according to Microsoft Store's redesign of the set's cover.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Fans Recreated the Missing Pinnacle Station DLC

Adrian Werner, 10 November 2021, 13:34

A mod has been released, introducing the Pinnacle Station DLC to Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, an expansion for the first game that was missing from the remastered collection.

Player Choices in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Will Surprise Many Fans

Przemyslaw Dygas, 08 November 2021, 15:19

BioWare has shared some stats about player choices in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. Some of them are really surprising.

Mass Effect 3 Finale's Original Shape Revealed - It Had a Reaper Queen

Adrian Werner, 22 October 2021, 15:18

One of former BioWare employees revealed how the ending of Mass Effect 3 was supposed to look like. In many details it strongly differed from the final, even uncut, version. We were supposed to meet the Reaper Queen, among other things.

Community Patch for Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Fixes Many Bugs

Przemyslaw Dygas, 21 September 2021, 10:38

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition received its first community patch. The fan-made update eliminates many bugs plaguing the game.

EA to Expand the Mass Effect Series After the Success of Legendary Edition

Adrian Werner, 05 August 2021, 14:15

Electronic Arts has reported that Mass Effect: Legendary Edition has sold even better than the publisher's projections.

Impressive Mass Effect Posters Inspired by Dune Movie

Szarmancki, 28 July 2021, 13:43

A talented photographer inspired by the Dune movie created over 20 digital posters of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. Check out the impressive results of the artist's work.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Player Choices in Numbers

Szarmancki, 27 July 2021, 21:49

Check out the numerical breakdown of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition's most popular player decisions shared by the series' official Facebook page.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Now Even Prettier Thanks to ALOT Mod

hexx0, 26 July 2021, 12:06

The Mass Effect: Legendary Edition has received the ALOT mod, which, like in the originals, introduces new and better textures. The classic version of the mod has also been updated, which now includes some of the improvements from the remasters.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Mod Restores Original Camera Shots

hexx0, 04 July 2021, 21:42

BioWare has made Mass Effect: Legendary Edition less sexist than the original, but players don't like the change and have used mods to bring back some female-focused camera shots in cutscenes.

BioWare Explains Why Movie Adaptation of Mass Effect Didn't Happen and Hopes for a TV Show

Adrian Werner, 27 June 2021, 20:36

One of the developers from BioWare explained why the movie adaptation of Mass Effect didn't get off the ground. He believes, however, that the franchise will soon be screened, preferably as a TV series.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Publisher Quietly Removes Denuvo

Szarmancki, 08 June 2021, 20:02

Another publisher resigns from Denuvo support. This time it's about the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition set. The most interesting thing, however, is that EA got rid of the software without any announcements.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Will Soon Add Option to Select English Voiceover

Entelarmer, 02 June 2021, 21:42

Polish branch of Electronic Arts has announced another patch for Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. Along with it, players will be able to enable English voiceover „regardless of the country”.

Mass Effect 3 Dev Sheds Light on Easter Egg Mystery After 10 Years

Ender, 02 June 2021, 20:28

One of the devs working on Mass Effect 3 revealed the secret of a hidden easter egg, which to this day has not been discovered in a normal way by the players. The surprise prepared by the creator can be encountered during a mission on Mars.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition's Most Popular Companions Data Revealed

Przemyslaw Dygas, 26 May 2021, 12:32

The presence of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition on Steam has enabled us to gather some interesting data. We now know who is the most liked crew member, how many players engaged in romances and what was used most often in battle.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Benchmarks on PS4 and Xbox One

Aquma, 24 May 2021, 11:31

The editors of Digital Foundry have checked how 8th-genconsoles handle the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition collection. Some of the test results are quite surprising.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Gets First Patch

Aquma, 18 May 2021, 10:18

The recently released Mass Effect: Legendary Edition has received its first small patch. It fixes a few technical issues and improves graphics in some situations, scenes and areas.

BioWare Fixed an Old Inconsistency in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

AlexB, 17 May 2021, 18:25

BioWare decided to change the race of one of the minor antagonists, Elanos Haliat, from human to turian in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition to fix some story inconsistencies.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Becomes a Steam Bestseller

Adrian Werner, 17 May 2021, 12:13

Last week's biggest Steam bestseller was Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, dethroning Resident Evil Village. Also Subnautica: Below Zero recorded a successful debut.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Changed Tali's Controversial Photo

Ness, 16 May 2021, 15:27

The reveal of Tali'Zorah's face was one of the many controversies surrounding the third installment of Mass Effect. The remaster of the iconic series has decided to rectify the issue.

Lukewarm Reception of Mass Effect Legendary Edition on Steam

Ness, 16 May 2021, 14:51

Despite the large number of positive reviews from Steam users, the remaster of the Mass Effect series also received a solid portion of criticism. Fans point out Legendary Edition's localization problems and technical flaws.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Launches Today

Aquma, 14 May 2021, 14:40

Today will see the release of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition - a set containing three refreshed versions of RPG games created by BioWare.

Firts Reviews: Mass Effect Legendary Edition - Remasters of Our Dreams

Ness, 13 May 2021, 19:44

First reviews of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, the refreshed version of the trilogy starring Commander Shepard, appeared in the web. Critics are delighted and agree that this is one of the best remasters in recent years.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Devs Believe the Ending Will be Well Received

hexx0, 13 May 2021, 17:28

The developers of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, coming out tomorrow, have admitted that while the trilogy's ending will remain the same, players may perceive it differently now than they did in 2012.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Draws Inspiration From Mods

hexx0, 10 May 2021, 15:32

BioWare admitted that it used mods as reference and inspiration when designing changes to be implemented in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

Mass Effect: LE Will Take Up a Lot of Space on PS4

Przemyslaw Dygas, 06 May 2021, 19:00

Improved textures and numerous upgrades significantly increased the size of the Mass Effect trilogy. Legendary Edition will take up to three times more disk space than the original.

Create Your Own Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Cover

Aquma, 06 May 2021, 14:39

A tool provided by the developers on the official website of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition enables us to create our own cover for the set.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Can Run In up to 240 FPS on PC

Adrian Werner, 06 May 2021, 11:52

EA shared information on the performance of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition on various platforms. Graphics modes on consoles were revealed, as well as how many fps we can expect from them.

Free Mass Effect Extras Available on EA's Website

hexx0, 05 May 2021, 22:14

Electronic Arts has released a number of extras for Mass Effect on its website, available for download completely free of charge.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Day 1 Patch Details and Size

Adrian Werner, 01 May 2021, 18:39

We've learned what patch 01.01 to Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will offer. The update will be released on the game's release date.

BioWare Reveals New Liara Figurine

Aquma, 20 April 2021, 12:24

BioWare presented the first photo of the new figurine of the popular Mass Effect character Liara T'Soni. The item should go on sale in 2-3 months.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Will Get Photo Mode

Aquma, 16 April 2021, 13:17

BioWare's Mac Walters announced on Twitter that the upcoming remaster of the first three installments of the Mass Effect series, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, will feature a photo mode.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition on Official Visual Comparison

Ender, 13 April 2021, 21:12

The latest trailer of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition shows a comparison of the graphical changes made by the remaster's creators. The clip presents how much the lighting, textures and 3D models have been improved in the remaster.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Has Gone Gold

Mikolaj Laszkiewicz, 10 April 2021, 16:31

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition has gone gold. This means that nothing stands in the way of the release and the game should be coming to us in mid-May.

Impressive List of Changes and Fixes in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Ender, 06 April 2021, 22:16

BioWare presented details on the changes introduced in the upcoming Mass Effect: Legendary Edition collection. The biggest novelties await fans of the first installment, in which the systems of combat, equipment and exploration of planetary surfaces using Mako will be rebuilt.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Visual Comparison and 10-minute Gameplay

Karol Laska , 06 April 2021, 20:58

A video comparing gameplay and graphics of the remasters included in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition with the original versions of the trilogy has appeared on the web.

Internet Users Check Shepard's Kill Count in Mass Effect Trilogy

Ness, 07 March 2021, 17:53

A group of internet users led by Reddit user TK-576 counted how many enemies fell by Shepard's hand in the first three installments of Mass Effect.

Henry Cavill Teases a Secret Project? Looks Like It's Mass Effect

Karol Laska , 24 February 2021, 19:14

Henry Cavill bragged on social media about his photo suggesting work on the next project. Members of our editorial team have determined that it is most likely Mass Effect - this is suggested by the piece of text visible in the photograph.

Bioware Impressed by Indoctrination Theory From Mass Effect 3

Pawel Musiolik, 13 February 2021, 18:03

Mass Effect 3's screenwriter is full of admiration for the fans who came up with the indoctrination theory. He admits it's not true, but that doesn't stop him from being impressed by fan creativity.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Will be Less Sexist Than the Original

Szarmancki, 05 February 2021, 19:20

According to what the developers of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition say in an interview, the game will feature less derogatory camera angles for women and improved animations for the female Shepard.

Mods Are to Be Important for Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

AlexB, 05 February 2021, 16:55

Mac Walters from BioWare assured that the whole team is in constant contact with selected people involved in modding of Mass Effect games. This is in order to transfer the fan projects from the original trilogy to the Legendary Edition as smoothly as possible.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Visual Comparison

Aquma, 04 February 2021, 14:45

A video published on YouTube shows the visual changes introduced in the remasters from the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition set.

Everything New in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

Ness, 03 February 2021, 15:57

Here's a breakdown of the most important novelties we learned about the upcoming Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition System Requirements

Ender, 02 February 2021, 18:33

We learned the system requirements for Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, a remastered set of the Mass Effect trilogy that will offer refreshed visuals, a full set of DLC and numerous minor tweaks and changes to the gameplay.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition in May; First Trailer Available

Karol Laska , 02 February 2021, 17:23

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition has received its first trailer. Moreover, we got to know more details about the work regarding visual, optimization and gameplay changes.

Rumor: Mass Effect Legendary Edition Presentation Next Week

Adrian Werner, 31 January 2021, 18:46

A well-known and proven industry insider has suggested that next week we'll see Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, the remastered version of BioWare's classic SF trilogy, in action.