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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition news and interesting facts

Impressive List of Changes and Fixes in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Ender, 06 April 2021, 22:16

BioWare presented details on the changes introduced in the upcoming Mass Effect: Legendary Edition collection. The biggest novelties await fans of the first installment, in which the systems of combat, equipment and exploration of planetary surfaces using Mako will be rebuilt.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Visual Comparison and 10-minute Gameplay

Karol Laska , 06 April 2021, 20:58

A video comparing gameplay and graphics of the remasters included in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition with the original versions of the trilogy has appeared on the web.

Internet Users Check Shepard's Kill Count in Mass Effect Trilogy

Ness, 07 March 2021, 17:53

A group of internet users led by Reddit user TK-576 counted how many enemies fell by Shepard's hand in the first three installments of Mass Effect.

Henry Cavill Teases a Secret Project? Looks Like It's Mass Effect

Karol Laska , 24 February 2021, 19:14

Henry Cavill bragged on social media about his photo suggesting work on the next project. Members of our editorial team have determined that it is most likely Mass Effect - this is suggested by the piece of text visible in the photograph.

Bioware Impressed by Indoctrination Theory From Mass Effect 3

Pawel Musiolik, 13 February 2021, 18:03

Mass Effect 3's screenwriter is full of admiration for the fans who came up with the indoctrination theory. He admits it's not true, but that doesn't stop him from being impressed by fan creativity.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Will be Less Sexist Than the Original

Szarmancki, 05 February 2021, 19:20

According to what the developers of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition say in an interview, the game will feature less derogatory camera angles for women and improved animations for the female Shepard.

Mods Are to Be Important for Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

AlexB, 05 February 2021, 16:55

Mac Walters from BioWare assured that the whole team is in constant contact with selected people involved in modding of Mass Effect games. This is in order to transfer the fan projects from the original trilogy to the Legendary Edition as smoothly as possible.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Visual Comparison

Aquma, 04 February 2021, 14:45

A video published on YouTube shows the visual changes introduced in the remasters from the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition set.

Everything New in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

Ness, 03 February 2021, 15:57

Here's a breakdown of the most important novelties we learned about the upcoming Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition System Requirements

Ender, 02 February 2021, 18:33

We learned the system requirements for Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, a remastered set of the Mass Effect trilogy that will offer refreshed visuals, a full set of DLC and numerous minor tweaks and changes to the gameplay.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition in May; First Trailer Available

Karol Laska , 02 February 2021, 17:23

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition has received its first trailer. Moreover, we got to know more details about the work regarding visual, optimization and gameplay changes.

Rumor: Mass Effect Legendary Edition Presentation Next Week

Adrian Werner, 31 January 2021, 18:46

A well-known and proven industry insider has suggested that next week we'll see Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, the remastered version of BioWare's classic SF trilogy, in action.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Release Date Leaked

AlexB, 11 January 2021, 18:49

Pre-orders of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition started in one of Singapore stores. According to the information on the product's card, it will launch March 12. This date also appears in the Twitter entry of another store that operates in Indonesia.

Concept Art From New Mass Effect Has Fans Imagine Second Andromeda

Karol Laska , 17 November 2020, 21:50

Recent days have brought some new concept arts from the recently announced next installment of Mass Effect. They don't reveal too much, although fans predict that we should expect a sequel to Andromeda.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is Official; Launch Planned for Spring

Pawel Musiolik, 07 November 2020, 23:14

As predicted, BioWare has announced the Mass Effect Legendary Edition trilogy. The space RPG trilogy set will appear in 2021.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Announcement Possibly on Saturday

Adrian Werner, 03 November 2020, 15:51

The next Saturday will be the N7 Day, the holiday of Mass Effect fans. A panel with actors will be organized and it is possible that Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, a remastered set of first three installments, will be announced during the event.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Gets Another Age Rating in Korea

Entelarmer, 14 October 2020, 21:01

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition appeared on the website of the Korean video game age rating agency. This is another confirmation of the existence of the re-mastered edition of the space opera trilogy and may herald an imminent announcement of the set.

Rumor: Mass Effect Trilogy Delayed

Entelarmer, 26 September 2020, 19:20

Jeff Grubb from VentureBeat informed of a delay concerning the release of the rumored Mass Effect: Legendary Edition set. BioWare's refreshed space opera trilogy is not expected to be released until next year.

Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster May be Released as Legendary Edition

Vergil, 22 September 2020, 17:14

The Remaster of the Mass Effect trilogy is said to receive a subtitle other than „Remastered”. There were also reports that the set would initially bypass the Nintendo Switch console.

Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered Appears in Portuguese Store

Dameredet, 16 September 2020, 20:36

Pre-orders of the remastered Mass Effect trilogy were available in a Portuguese store. However, they disappeared as soon as they appeared. This is another such case in recent weeks.

Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered is Real; October Release Compromized

Karol Laska , 30 August 2020, 18:58

One gaming journalist assures that earlier rumors about the remaster of Mass Effect trilogy are true. The game's release is officially scheduled for October 2020, but it may change.

Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered Pre-orders Canceled

Adrian Werner, 16 August 2020, 15:50

We have some bad news for those who hoped that the start of pre-orders for Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered would herald an imminent announcement of this collection. GAME have just canceled them on its websites.

Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered - Fans Suggest October Launch

Aquma, 12 August 2020, 16:32

There was another rumor on the web about the remaster of the Mass Effect trilogy. According to the reports, the trilogy may be announced in September and debut in late October, this year.

Rumor: Mass Effect Remaster Available for Pre-order

Karol Laska , 08 August 2020, 20:29

Internet users placed pre-orders in British store for a mysterious product called DEP PS4 N7. The last part, among other things, suggests that this may be a remaster of the Mass Effect trilogy.

Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster - Insider Denied Recent Rumors

Froozyy, 27 June 2020, 16:44

A few days ago, detailed leaks about the remaster of the Mass Effect trilogy has appeared on the web. According to them, all parts were to be ported to the Frostbite engine. However, the rumors were denied by a trusted industry insider.