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Returnal news and interesting facts

PS5 is Sony's Fastest-selling Console; Decent Results for Exclusives

hexx0, 28 July 2021, 19:21

Sony Interactive Entertainment has shown off the sales figures for the PlayStation 5 console. We've also learned how some of the games available on PS5 are faring, including Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Returnal and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart.

Returnal Devs Join PlayStation Studios

AlexB, 29 June 2021, 16:12

Herman Hulst, head of PlayStation Studios, announced that Housemarque, the studio responsible for Returnal, has joined Sony's in-house teams. What's interesting, initially the Japanese version of this announcement was accompanied by a graphic according to which not Housemarque but Bluepoint Games was acquired.

Returnal Devs Plan Changes to Save System

hexx0, 15 May 2021, 14:06

Housemarque Studio, the creators of the PlayStation 5 game Returnal, decided to listen to the voice of the community and began to investigate the issue of the game's save system. However, we'll have to wait a bit longer for a solution to the problem.

Returnal Patch Deletes Save Files; Devs Apologise and Remove Update

Pawel Musiolik, 06 May 2021, 12:38

Update 1.3.3 for Returnal was supposed to fix some major issues. However, it turned out that it causes error CE-100028-1, which corrupts saved game states.

First Reviews: Returnal - A Great PS5 Exclusive

Aquma, 29 April 2021, 16:15

Tomorrow, Returnal will launch on PlayStation 5 and it looks like there's a lot to look forward to - first reviews suggest that we're dealing with a very good game.

Returnal Launch Trailer Available

Entelarmer, 29 April 2021, 10:24

Returnal just received its last trailer. The launch trailer reminds us about the Friday release of the new PS5 exclusive and shows more gameplay footage.

45 Minutes of Gameplay From PS5 Exclusive Returnal

Adrian Werner, 22 April 2021, 12:37

An interesting gameplay from Returnal, the PS5 exclusive from Housemarque, has been posted online. It offers gameplay from first 45 minutes of campaign.

Returnal has Gone Gold

Karol Laska , 25 March 2021, 19:38

Housemarque announced that its Returnal has officially been finished and will hit the PlayStation 5 on schedule.

PS5 Action Game Returnal Gets New Story Trailer

Qskan, 18 March 2021, 12:42

We received a new trailer for Returnal, a space action game with roguelike elements. The trailer of the upcoming PS5 exclusive focuses on the plot and the secret hidden by the main character.

PS5 Exclusive Returnal Delayed

qjin, 28 January 2021, 21:04

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced the delaye of Returnal, a PS5 exclusive sci-fi shooter. The game by Housemarque will be released a few weeks later than planned.

Gameplay From Returnal, a Very Promising PS5 Exclusive

Adrian Werner, 14 January 2021, 15:05

Fresh gameplay footage from Returnal, Housemarque's shooter that's coming exclusively to PlayStation 5, has appeared online.

Returnal on PS5 With Spectacular Gameplay and Release Date

Vergil, 11 December 2020, 02:54

We've learned the release date of Returnal, a game to launch on PlayStation 5. That's more, the devs at Housemarque have presented a new, spectacular gameplay trailer of their work.

The Upcoming PS5 Exclusive Returnal is Like Space Groundhog Day

Czarus, 11 June 2020, 23:22

Returnal is an action game from Housemarque, announced as an PS5 exclusive during The Future of Gaming event. We play the role of an astronaut who survives a shipwreck on a mysterious planet.