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News Opinions 07 February 2023, 15:15

author: Sebastian Kasparek

10 Excellent, Overlooked PS5 Hits

PlayStation 5 is entering the third year on the market, and the console can already boast a sizable catalog of great games. But there are also gems that were easy to miss among the giants. This article lists 10 of our favorite, low-key PS5 hits.

Got a PlayStation 5 and don't know what to play? Check out this list of games that were easy to miss, including some magical and original productions! Today, we present a subjective list of obscure games that you may have missed in the end-of-year rush of high-profile releases. Give them a chance, because many of these games can provide hours of great entertainment.

Listing all the most important missed games can be a hustle, but we managed to assemble ten games whose quality we can vouch for. Exclusivity wasn't a must; the only condition was a native PS5 version.


It's no secret that indie games follow their own set of rules and can experiment with the gameplay formula in unexpected ways. A perfect confirmation of this is the phenomenal Inscryption, in which the player ends up in Leshen's hut and has to fight a card battle with the creature.

Inscryption is a well-received independent production, neatly and creatively combining elements of several genres. The game's core gameplay is typical of card games, such as building your own deck. The developers diversified it with roguelike mechanics and a structure resembling an FPP adventure game. There's also an engaging story waiting for you to learn. In addition, this title simply looks great thanks to the interesting, stylized artistic setting. The atmosphere, addictive gameplay and captivating story make Inscryption a game that you absolutely must try.


Okay, let's say it out loud: there are too few skating games! Personally, I miss the incredibly stylish and iconic Jet Set Radio, where simple exploration was colossal fun. Rollerdrome is more like Tony Hawk's Pro Skater in terms of controls and movement, but it still is a unique game.

Rollerdrome's main emphasis is placed on the joy of moving around the game world. The game is a unique shooter, in which we perform flashy tricks on rollers. This title offers a high level of challenge that motivates improving your own results. With a great system of progression and a distinctive visual setting, you will get a project that can delight with unusual ideas. After all, how many games let you shoot your opponents while rollerskating?

Season: A Letter to the Future

The modern, neurotic society rushes at a frantic pace, and people rarely stop for a moment of silence. A good antidote to the hectic stresses of everyday life are calm and artistic indie games. The recent Season: A Letter to the Future is exactly a game like this; an exploratory adventure set in a picturesque world.

Get on your bike and take your camera and microphone with you. Season: A Letter to the Future is a very reflective story about the transience of life, in the era of a passing world. This is a very soothing game that shows some exceptionally human stories and problems of a local society. And that's the goal of the game – to contemplate life and record its essence for future generations. Thus, we received an experience that is worth your time.

Little Nightmares 2

Meet Mono, a young boy who lives in an unforgiving world where death lurks at every corner. His desperate fight for life is an emotional ordeal, often reminiscent of a waking nightmare. Tarsier Studios developed its grotesque universe in a prequel that captivates even more than the great original.

One glance is enough to admit that Little Nightmares 2 looks phenomenal – the graphics are dark, depressing, and simply terrifying. This is complete with an audio layer that contributes to a dense atmosphere, terrifying monster designs, and often stressful gameplay full of chases and puzzles. All this results in a real horror gem for all maniacs of the horror convention.

Tails of Iron

Tails of Iron is a hand-drawn adventure RPG for those who prefer a denser setting and a high level of difficulty. This title takes us to a dark fantasy world ravaged by a cruel war. In the game, we play the role of a warrior named Redgi – the heir to the Mouse Throne, who must face the Frog Clan.

The best element of Tails of Iron is definitely the brutal and highly engaging combat that forces players to focus and puts their reflexes to the test. The game has charming atmosphere reminiscent of a dark tale of terrifying effects of war. Action game lovers who appreciate well-designed combat should give this inconspicuous production a chance.

Lost in Random

Lost in Random is a criminally overlooked game. It's a pity, because the talented studio Zoink (creators of the funny Stick it to the Man, Fe and several other unique titles) has prepared a fantastic adventure for players of all ages.

The gameplay in Lost in Random offers a unique combat system based on dice rolls. Add to this the charming, evocative and clearly artistic visuals that evoke involuntary associations with beautiful animations like The Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline. The narrative also doesn't disappoint, telling one of the best stories you can get on PS5. It's the perfect game for people who love the iconic works of Tim Burton, and at the same time a good production full of unconventional ideas. It's a highly underrated gem that fans of extraordinary action-adventure games should definitely check out.

FIST: Forged in Shadow Torch

FIST: Forged in Shadow Torch is a surprisingly successful project by the Chinese studio TiGames. The creators have prepared a prime metroidvania, in which the first violin is played by perfectly designed combat and addictive exploration.

The game is distinguished by the exotic style of dieselpunk, so the visual experience alone makes it worth giving the game a chance. Here we play the role of an anthropomorphic rabbit armed with a large mechanical fist. An excellent balance of the challenge makes it an ideal introduction to the genre. The game also has comfortable and intuitive controls, spectacular combat, and difficulty that isn't intimidating. In addition, the game often appears in promotions, so it's really worth trying it out as soon as you can.

Record of Lodoss War: Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth

Record of Lodoss War: Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth is a classic metroidvania, which in terms of gameplay is very similar to the iconic Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. We visit labyrinthine-like locations, acquiring key items and skills that open new paths for exploration. There are also clashes with numerous opponents and demanding bosses.

The title uses the once-popular Records of Lodoss War universe. Older players may recognize this world, as it was part of a popular manga franchise. The game tells the story of an elf named Deedlit. This warrior must face old enemies and come to terms with the tragedies of her past in order to regain control of her life. It's a story full of melancholy and sentimental character. It's easy to overlook it, but it will reward you if you only give it a try.

Tactics Ogre: Reborn

Here's a remaster of one of the most important games in the history of the entire industry, and this is not an exaggeration by any means. In the opinion of many, it's the most important and influential tactical game in the genre. A title that hasn't gotten old even after 28 years. This is confirmed by the refreshed Tactics Ogre: Reborn, which instead of thorough changes offers subtle improvements and quality-of-life fixes.

It's difficult to briefly describe the phenomenon of such a large and complex game. 18×16 svgTactics Ogre: Reborn provides you with hundreds of hours of gameplay full of political intrigue and a multi-layered plot with some superb writing. The game depicts a great war from various perspectives in a very mature way, and at the same time offers a system of complex dependencies and nuances. It's highly addictive, and after seeing the end credits, the game might just stay with you for years to come.

The Artful Escape

Something for people whose hearts beat for music. The Artful Escape is a musical adventure in the psychedelic atmosphere of a space tour. This mechanically simple indie game mainly focuses on delivering an enchanting narrative and audiovisual experience.

In The Artful Escape, we get to know a short excerpt from the life of a guitar genius who faces the legend of his uncle – a star of folk music. It's nice and funny, and the story, often quite absurd, touches on the theme of fear of one's own heritage and the fear of meeting someone else's expectations. It's a game about growing up and finding your own way while discovering your stage personality. In this case, we get a short and uncomplicated adventure for one evening. This is one of the perfect games to improve your mood.

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