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News video games 18 October 2021, 12:47

author: Hubert Sledziewski

Bloodborne 2 in the Pipeline; Bloodborne Next-gen Remaster Ready, Claims XboxEra Host

Bluepoint Games - since recently a part of the Sony family - is allegedly working on Bloodborne 2 for PS5, as well as a remaster of the first game, whose PC port is said to be ready. The news comes from reliable industry insider Nick Baker.

  • Nick Baker from XboxEra reported that Bluepoint Games was working on Bloodborne 2;
  • The team has reportedly also prepared a remaster of the first game, which is now ready and will be released on PC and PS5 at a date which does not collide with Elden Ring's launch.

Many rumors about a PC port, a PS5 console remaster or a sequel to Bloodborne, released in 2015, have already gotten old and so far nothing has come of them. However, it is possible that this will soon change. Seemingly contradictory rumors appearing online over the past months have been confirmed by a well-known and quite reliable industry insider Nick Baker. He claims that all three projects are in progress and the recently acquired Bluepoint Games is behind them.

The co-founder of and co-host of the XboxEra podcast on YouTube, known on Twitter by the handle Shpeshal Ed, revealed in the recent episode (see video above - the fragment of interest starts at the 01:30:25 mark) that the PC version of Bloodborne "is already completed". If this is indeed the case, it seems quite likely that the developers will want to kill two birds with one stone - this would mean that the PC version of the game will be essentially the same as the allegedly upcoming PS5 remaster. The project was supposed to be in development for about seven months. So when would we get it? Baker was unable to say exactly; he did say, however, that Sony and Bluepoint Games might want to "leave some space" from the January 21 launch of Elden Ring from FromSoftware.

And what do the fathers of the soulslike genre make of the fact that the developers of the Demon's Souls remake are working on a sequel to their 2015 game? Well, nothing - because the rights to the Bloodborne brand are currently owned by Sony. FromSoftware's head Hidetaka Miyazaki admitted that the decision to make Bloodborne 2 is not up to him. This would agree with Nick Baker's reports - it's just a shame that they boil down to a possible beginning of work on the sequel. What fate awaits a possible sequel without Miyazaki's supervision? Time will tell.

Finally, it's worth mentioning that the information provided by Baker appeared online a few days before the broadcast of the latest podcast published on XboxEra - specifically, in another podcast called Last Stand Media, hosted by Colin Moriarty, a journalist formerly associated with IGN. However, it wasn't until Nick Baker made the news that it became public. Moreover, the moderators of the GamingLeaksAndRumours subreddit stated that Shpeshal Ed was the first to contact them directly about the matter.

Although the reports seem quite clear, it's worth approaching them with a proper distance and wait for an official announcement from Sony.



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