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News video games 31 May 2019, 11:41

author: Adrian Werner

Call of Duty Modern Warfare - Ray-tracing, Price and No Season Pass

We've been flooded with new information about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. We learned some facts about the campaigns, special editions and their prices, as well as the so-called Operator Packs. We also learned that the game will offer cross-play and ray-tracing support and that no season pass is planned.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare - Ray-tracing, Price and No Season Pass - picture #1
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will be published on October 25, this year.

Yesterday, Infinity Ward and Activision announced Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, a new installment of the popular FPS series. Soon afterwards, new information about the game was revealed. We have gathered the most important of them in one place.

Cross-play and no season pass.

First of all, the game will offer cross-play. It will allow the owners of PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game to have fun together. We are interested in how this will be achieved because proper balancing of a fast-paced shooter will not be an easy task.

In addition, there will be no season pass. New content, including additional maps, will be provided free of charge as part of updates. Said patches will first debut on PlayStation 4, and owners of other hardware platforms will have to wait for them a bit longer.

Digital editions and Operator Packs

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is already available in pre-sale, thanks to which we got to know the planned digital editions and their prices.

Digital editions

Apart from the standard edition, which costs $59.99, two additional variants will be available:

  1. Operator Edition ($79.99) - contains digital premium items in the form of so-called Operator Packs and the additional item from the Digital Edition.
  2. Operator Enhanced Edition ($99.99) - contains 3000 Call of Duty points, premium digital items from Operator Packs and the additional item from the Digital Edition.

The PC version of the game will be available in digital distribution only via

Operator Packs

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will feature so-called Operator Packs, which will allow you to control unique characters. However, their contents will not affect the gameplay and will be limited to aspects such as bios, nationalities, dialogues, skins and appearance modification options.

Three such packages will be available on day one as part of Operator Edition and Operator Enhanced Editions:

  1. All Ghillied Up - will allow you to control an operator known as the Grinch, who will wear a ghillie suite. He will also receive a special cosmetic variant of the sniper rifle.
  2. Crew Expendable - will allow you to play the operator codenamed Otter, dressed in a protective suit with a gas mask, plus a cosmetic variant of a shotgun.
  3. War Pig - offers the option of playing as a Wyatt, dressed in a desert camo uniform and a cosmetic variant of a handgun.

Story Campaign

Call of Duty Modern Warfare - Ray-tracing, Price and No Season Pass - picture #3
This time the campaign will offer more diverse heroes.

This time the plot will not revolve around special forces soldiers only. Half the campaign will be played from an Arab perspective. For now, it has been confirmed that in several missions we will lead a rebel commander named Farah Karim. We don't know if there will be any other heroes from this ethnic group beside her.

During the press presentation, the devs showed several levels from the story mode. The first one took place near London's Piccadilly Circus Square, where Al-Qaeda terrorists are intercepted. The action, however, is not completely successful, as another cell of this organization launches an attack, which leads to a battle in the streets of the city.

Later, an assault on a house occupied by Al-Qaeda members was shown. A lot of interesting scenes appeared there. In one of them, the player has to kill a terrorist before she reaches for the detonator of a IED. In another, a desperate woman uses a small child as a living shield.

The campaign will also feature levels in the Middle East mountains and inside an embassy. In addition, we will play through a section which takes place two decades earlier, in which young Haider and Farah siblings will have to survive an attack by Russian forces on a town in the fictional state of Ursekstan.

Character progression

Campaigns, co-op mode and multiplayer will be more closely connected than in the previous installments of the franchise. The gameplay in each of these variants will allow you to unlock items and upgrades that we will use in the rest.

Ray-tracing engine

Yesterday we wrote that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is being created on the basis of a new graphic engine. Now Nvidia has revealed that the game will offer support for ray-tracing technology.

  1. Call of Duty official website
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