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News video games 26 March 2021, 15:43

Kojima Productions' New Game Announcement „Coming Soon”

In a recent interview, Yoji Shinkawa, art director of Kojima Productions, admitted that the studio will probably announce its new game soon. Many things indicate that it will be a sequel to the successful Death Stranding.

  • The art director of Kojima Productions has admitted that the team will probably announce a new game soon;
  • There are strong indications that it will be a sequel to the successful Death Stranding;
  • In the meantime, Hideo Kojima revealed details about porting the game to PC and expressed his satisfaction with the warm reception of the demanding PC community.

It's likely that a new game by Kojima Productions is coming soon, according to an interview with studio's art director Yoji Shinkawa. In the conversation with the Al Hub channel, Hideo Kojima's associate said that he is "currently working on something that will probably be announced soon". Very possibly a sequel to the well-received Death Stranding.

We've known about Kojima's new game being developed since late 2019, but one project from the Japanese studio was canceled in the meantime. In June 2020, the developer tweeted first clues, which indicated that the game's action would be set in the same universe as Death Stranding.

The next confirmation that Kojima Productions is working on a new title came last October, when the studio announced that it was looking for employees for the project. The fact that Norman Reedus, the actor playing the protagonist of the first game, has been in talks with Kojima about further collaboration suggests that Death Stranding 2 could be the new game from the father of the Metal Gear series.

Further development of the franchise may also be supported by how well Death Stranding was received both on PS4 and, a year later, on PC. The process of porting the game for PC was described by Kojima himself, who said he was pleased that the version satisfied the demanding PC gamers.

“There are a lot of core PC users, so we tried to include features and gimmicks that would make PC fans happy. In terms of what was hard… There’s a wide range of PC hardware, and it feels like there’s quite a gap between the top end and the bottom end. The question of where to set the baseline was therefore a major issue, and we struggled with that.

Also, what might be the most important aspect is that core PC gamers are pretty vocal and opinionated about games, and making something that would satisfy them was very tricky

I’m glad we took on the challenge, though, because it seems people are pleased with the results.”

Death Stranding debuted on November 8, 2019 on PS4, with the PC version launching on July 14, 2020. Although we do not know for sure, perhaps we will get to know more details about the next part soon.

Michal Ciezadlik

Michal Ciezadlik

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