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News video games 20 February 2021, 16:38

author: Karol Laska

Diablo 4 - Details on Rogue; Class Skills Revealed

The rogue is the newest playable class in Diablo 4 announced by Blizzard. Developers decided to tell a little bit more about it and its special abilities.

You probably already know that Blizzard revealed a new playable class for Diablo 4 during BlizzConline 2021 - the Rogue. You can see the character in action (in the trailer and screenshots) here. The development team has also shared details about rogue's skills and they look really interesting. Let's briefly describe them.

World Groups

Let's start with the fact that the Rogue is a hybrid class. This means that it enables the players to focus their characters on either ranged or melee combat. It combines elements of the Assassin and Demon Hunter.

What's interesting, in the course of the game we'll be able to join one of several available Rogue clans, which will provide us with a unique fighting style unique to the chosen group.

Weapon Imbue

Rogue will be able to choose the type of damage coming from skills depending on the need of a given moment. In a nutshell, our "skills" can poison, freeze or emanate shadow magic - the choice is ours. It's a very versatile skill that enables us to seamlessly adapt to the situation on the battlefield.

Shadow Realm

When playing as Rogue we can infiltrate the shadow world and draw nearby enemies into it. We get invulnerability to damage for a second, and our attacks are 50% stronger, as if we were in stealth.

Exploit Weakness

Some enemies will have a mark/weakness icon above them. This means that when we attack such an enemy we will automatically land a critical hit, dealing 60% more damage.

Combo Points

The devs call Combo Points an ability that makes the combat something like a rhythm game. Translating this beautiful comparison to a more down-to-earth language, by attacking nearby opponents, we gain the aforementioned points that add new features to the existing "skills". And these are really powerful. The devs mention slaughtering enemies across the entire battlefield using shadow magic.

That would be it for now. Stay tuned for more classes and details on Diablo 4, and be sure to check out the rest of our news from BlizzConline 2021 - these focus on Diablo 2: Resurrected, the Year of the Gryphon in Hearthstone, novelties in Overwatch 2, and the Blizzard Arcade Collection set, among others.

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