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News video games 05 March 2021, 13:01

author: Qskan

Lead Dev of Hogwarts Legacy Quits Over Controversial YouTube Channel

Troy Leavitt, one of the developers working on Hogwarts Legacy, announced on Twitter his departure from Avalanche Software. This most likely has to do with the discovery of the developer's former YouTube channel, where he posted content attacking feminism and progressive approaches to gaming, among other things.

  • Troy Leavitt, one of the main developers working on Hogwarts Legacy, announced his departure from Avalanche Softwareł
  • Most probably it has to do with the scandal which erupted around his YouTube channel, on which he used to publish controversial content.

Troy Leavitt, previously working in Warner Bros. (Avalanche Sofware), announced today on Twitter his decision to part ways with the team working on Hogwarts Legacy. In the post, the developer stressed that he was leaving WB Games peacefully, having the best possible opinion of the team and the game. He is expected to provide more information by posting a video on his YouTube channel.

It was Troy Leavitt's YouTube channel that became the bone of contention, and more specifically the content published on it. Videos made by the developer have been described by the media as "far-right" and promoting toxic behavior in the gaming community. On his channel we can find publications such as: "In Defense of John Lasseter", which refers to one of the former Disney and Pixar executives accused of sexual misconduct. We can also find content expressing support for the controversial Gamergate movement that swept the Western Internet a few years ago. Leavitt's channel did not gain much popularity, although it had its regular audience. The developer hasn't posted anything on it since 2019.

All this at the moment when the creators of Hogwarts Legacy decided to implement into their game a character wizard, enabling us to create a trans character. Adding this option has to do with the words of J.K. Rowling - the author of the series of novels about Harry Potter - who last year faced criticism for transphobic statements.

Despite the explanations and apologies of the writer, the studio clearly dissociated itself from her, ensuring that she is not involved in the development process. Most likely, the controversy surrounding Leavitt's did not go unnoticed at Warner Bros. either.

Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy

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