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News video games 06 July 2022, 16:11

author: Michael Zegar

Immortal Empires in Total War: Warhammer 3 Will Change Lords and Factions

Devs presented changes in Lords and factions in the upcoming Immortal Empires mode for Total War: Warhammer III. Be'lakor's skills were also introduced.

Two weeks ago we wrote about the map from the ambitious Immortal Empires mode for Total War: Warhammer III, which will combine areas and factions from previous installments of the series. This game mode is set to debut in the beta phase before the end of August.

Yesterday we learned a few details regarding the selected factions and the Legendary Lords dedicated to them, which we will be able to lead in this mode.


This Legendary Lord, playable in Immortal Empires mode, is known as the antagonist of the Warhammer III campaign titled Kingdoms of Chaos.

  1. The player will begin their adventure on the Isle of Wight, lying off the coast of Albion Island.
  2. Be'lakor will have its own campaign-related mechanics, which will be revealed with the debut of the Warriors of Chaos update.
  3. Be'lakor will be able to mark a defeated human Legendary Lord with Chaos, which after some time will turn the person into a Demon Prince.

"Each of Be’lakor’s abilities is aligned with one of the four Chaos Gods and can be unlocked by defeating an army aligned with a specific god or through sacrificing Souls (a new resource shared by all Warriors of Chaos).

They offer powerful and unique benefits: for example, the Tzeentch-aligned manifestation grants the ability to spawn a unique shadow rift in the local province that Be’lakor’s forces can use to teleport across the mortal plain."

Be'lakor and the crest of his faction. Source:

Dedicated factions

Other Legendary Lords will also get their own factions in Immortal Empires. This is the list of them, released yesterday:

  1. Volkmar the Grim - Cult of Sigmar: he will start the game in the Southern Lands with the goal of sealing the Books of Nagash, which will increase his power.
  2. Grombrindal - The Ancestral Throng: he is holding his armies in the lands of Naggaroth, where he wants to take revenge on Malekith.
  3. Helman Ghorst - Caravan of Blue Roses: he has moved east to be closer to the coveted fortress of Nagashizzar. He is trying to explore the secrets of necromancy that could bring his brother back to life.
  4. Vlad and Isabella Von Carstein - Sylvania: Both will be playable in the same campaign. Selecting one of them as your Legendary Lord makes the other spouse an unlockable hero.
  5. Prince Sigvald the Magnificent - The Decadent Host: resides in the northwestern part of the Chaos Void. Moreover, he has gained several new skills, such as the ability to seduce units or access to Slaanesh demons.
  6. Kholek Suneater - Heralds of the Tempest.: He lives in the northern region of the Weeping Mountains, where he seeks a monolithic settlement.

Isabella Von Carstein and the coats of arms of the factions listed above (in chronological order). Source:

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