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News video games 19 October 2022, 16:34

author: Adrian Werner

Silent Hill Will Return; Konami Announces Presentation [UPDATE]

Konami intends to hold a presentation this week, during which we will learn about the future of the Silent Hill series.


We may have learned the titles of the games that will be announced during Konami's show. The official Silent Hill channel on YouTube has in fact been tagged with several tags, among which appear:

  1. Silent Hill 2
  2. SILENT HILL: Ascension
  3. SILENT HILL Transmission
  4. Return to SILENT HILL

The first two are most likely game titles, while the next two could be the names of entire events. What's more, both PlayStation and Steam appear among the tags, meaning these games will be released not only on Sony's consoles, but also on PC.

In addition, there has been speculation, that a remake of Silent Hill 2 may be split into two parts. This is due to the fact that Konami recently monetized one fan's stream, citing the trademark "Silent Hill 2 Part 1".

Original message (October 17, 2022):

After years of rumors and speculation, we finally know when we will know the future of the brand Silent Hill.

  1. Konami has announced an event dedicated to the Silent Hill series. The presentation will kick off on October 19 at 2 pm PDT
  2. Rumors suggest that more projects from the universe may be announced at the event.
  3. It is virtually certain that a remake of Silent Hill 2, on which Polish studio Bloober Team is said to work, is in fact a thing. It is possible that this project will be shown during Konami's presentation.
  4. Many also indicate that an episodic adventure game in the style of Until Dawn, being developed in collaboration with Annapurna Interactive, may be in the pipeline.
  5. It is also speculated that work may be underway on a full-length installment of the series. If all these rumors are covered in reality, Konami is preparing for us at least three new Silent Hlll games.
  6. In September iwe heard also about Konami registering a trademark for "Silent Hill: The Short Message." The title seems to connect with rumors from a few years ago, according to which a new game from the brand would engage players by breaking down the fourth wall - for example, by means of e-mails or text messages.
Silent Hill Will Return; Konami Announces Presentation [UPDATE] - picture #1

Konami's event announcement is welcome, as we expected that the company might wait until The Game Awards event in December to reveal the future of the brand.

It is worth mentioning at the end that Silent Hill is not the only major brand of the Japanese publisher to be resurrected soon. The company recently announced Suikoden I & II HD Remaster: Gate Rune and Dunan Unification Wars, a set containing refreshed versions of the two classic jRPGs. There are also credible rumors that Konami has plans for new projects from the Castlevania and Metal Gear Solid series.

  1. Konami - official website
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