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News hardware & software 04 February 2020, 23:36

author: Christian Pieniazek

The Official Website of PS5 Launches

The official website of PS5, through which Sony has confirmed this year's release of the console, has been launched. The manufacturer also encourages you to subscribe to the newsletter and promises to provide „amazing” information about the device.

Sony has launched the official website of PlayStation 5, but so far it doesn't feature any specific details beyond the release date set for this year's holiday season (another thing is that we have known that since October).

Moreover, the manufacturer promises the players that it has "amazing" information about its new device. However, the company is still not ready to "completely reveal the new generation of PlayStation". At the same time, the company is encouraging the signing up for a newsletter to inform fans about the launch date and price of PlayStation 5, as well as the list of games that will be released on the day of its debut.

We still don't know what PlayStation 5 will look like, but in January we got to see the console's official logo.

Sony has been extremely restrained with the information it provides on PlayStation 5, but over the past few weeks the company has revealed one of the most carefully hidden cards and presented it to the players... the console's logotype. In addition, we have previously learned other official details about the technical specifications of the device. You will find details about this in our news from almost a month ago.

Finally, the first game officially announced on PlayStation 5 is Godfall (apart from the titles that officially go for quite a broad term of 'next-generation consoles'), the "looter-slasher" from the Counterplay Games.

  1. PlayStation 5 - official website
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