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News video games 15 February 2021, 19:46

author: Ness

Valheim Sold 2 Million+ Copies in Less Than 2 Weeks

Valheim is not slowing down. Not long ago, the game created by a five-person studio celebrated one million copies sold, and today the developers announced that this number has doubled.


  • Over two million copies of Valheim have been sold in less than two weeks;
  • A team of only five people is currently working on the game.

Another amazing result was achieved by the hit of the last weeks, the survival game Valheim. This time, in less than two weeks since its release, the game broke the barrier of two million copies sold.

Valheim is the work of Iron Gate, a studio of only five people led by Richard Svensson - the original creator of the project. The dev admitted that he didn't expect such a big success and the main financial goal was to pay back all the costs.

"I guess our future is safe for a while now. Valheim has not been rushed, it's a product of more than three years of iterative development with features added and tested on a core team of early adopters. Also as a designer I don't like to follow popular conventions but try to go my own way, this seems to have worked out."

Valheim Sold 2 Million+ Copies in Less Than 2 Weeks - picture #1
Just 5 days ago, the devs were thanking for the first million copies sold.

This is not the first achievement of the game. Just today we reported that at its best moment, Valheim was played by 367 thousand gamers, which makes it the third most popular title on Steam. Moreover, twice in a row Iron Gate Studio's game opened the weekly list of top best selling titles on the platform. It's a great success, considering the fact that the game is in early access.

The publisher of Valheim is the Swedish company Coffee Stain, which has also developed such works as Sanctum, Goat Simulator or Satisfactory, which is still in Early Access. Since 2014 it has also been a publisher. The Viking survival game is not their first hit, as less than a year ago Deep Rock Galactic appeared on the market, which also recently exceeded two million copies sold.

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