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News video games 19 October 2020, 21:57

author: Jacob Blazewicz

WoW: Shadowlands Pre-launch Patch Reveals New Best DPS

World of Warcraft received a patch preparing the game for the delayed launch of Shadowlands. Players have already checked which class deals the most DPS after the last changes.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands hasn't launch yet after the last delay, but Azeroth fans don't complain about lack of things to do. For the past week, the community has been testing the patch, whose aim is to prepare World of Warcraft for the release of the new expansion, and it makes a lot of changes. This includes a new character progression system: 120 levels of experience have been condensed into 60. This has encouraged the players to test and check how each class performs in terms of damage per second (DPS). As a result, there are already several lists of all the offensive archetypes in the game on the web, including a summary posted by (below) and Warcraft Logs.

WoW: Shadowlands Pre-launch Patch Reveals New Best DPS - picture #1

The new ranking is not particularly different from the one from before the patch. Of course, the new talents and spells have increased the average DPS for all classes, but the three dominant strategies remain the same. Shadow Priest came first, ahead of Affliction Warlock, and third place is still occupied by Beast Mastery Hunter. However, further positions show the effects of buffs or nerfs for each class. It seems like melee archetypes ended up with the short straw this time, although a variant of Death Knight has taken fifth place.

Such summaries may help in choosing the most optimal class for raids, but in this case, we advise you to approach these "tier lists" with a grain of salt. The last patch may prepare WoW for the launch of Shadowlands, but it did not introduce many new additions. There is still no Covenants system, rewarding the players with unique abilities and items that will surely change the game's meta. What's more, in the locations added in the expansion won't be able to use items from azerite, a resource from Battle for Azeroth. For some classes it will be a big blow - Shadow Priest's power is largely based on this kind of equipment. So we can expect a lot of reshuffling to come. World of Warcraft: Shadowlands will launch this year, although we don't know the exact release date.

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