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News hardware & software 16 October 2020, 13:39

author: Bart Swiatek

Xbox Series X Temperatures More Than Satisfactory

Tests by VentureBeat indicate that the Xbox Series X heats noticeably less than current generation consoles: Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro.


  1. Tests by VentureBeat's editorial team indicate that Xbox Series X runs colder than PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X;
  2. In Hitman 2, the temperature inside the console was 47.7°C;
  3. The highest recorded operating temperature for Xbox Series X was 57.4°C.

Some time ago there was a rumor on the web suggesting that Xbox Series X may have problems with overheating. Some time has passed since those reports, and the editors of technology and gaming websites received copies of Microsoft's console and started the first tests. One of the issues being tested is the operating temperature of the platform, which - as it turns out - is surprisingly low. The device heats less than Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro.

VentureBeat's editor Jeff Grubb checked out the Xbox Series X during a ten-minute game session in Hitman 2 (Mumbai level). Each of the tested platforms was turned on after 30 minutes in sleep mode. The temperature measuring device was not activated until the game was loaded, noting that the playing equipment was not opened. Instead, the sensors of the digital thermometer were always pushed into the place that seemed to generate the most hot air. So do not confuse these results with the operating temperatures of the APU itself (or the motherboard, CPU and GPU in the case of a PC). This is a more general picture of the conditions inside the case of the device. You will find the results below.

Internal Xbox Series X temperatures compared to other platforms

Temperature (Celsius)

Xbox Series X

Xbox One X

PlayStation 4 Pro

PC (RTX 3080 / Ryzen 9 3900 XT)
















Xbox Series X Temperatures More Than Satisfactory - picture #1
Console and PC temperatures in Hitman 2. Source: VentureBeat.

It's noteworthy that the low readings for the PC are due to the much larger case and efficient cooling system - the internal CPU temperature during the test was about 72 degrees Celsius.

VentureBeat's editor also conducted another test, during which he tried to force each platform to work as hard as possible. For the PS4 Pro, the temperature never exceeded 65 degrees Celsius and the Xbox One X reached 60.3 degrees Celsius. Xbox Series X again achieved the best result of all the tested console: 57.4 °C.

The results match the tests carried out by the editors of, who checked the readings in DiRT 5 and Doom Eternal. Xbox Series X warmed up to a maximum of 49 °C.

Xbox Series X Temperatures More Than Satisfactory - picture #2
Xbox Series X Temperatures More Than Satisfactory - picture #3
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