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Rise of the Ronin Guide

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Rise of the Ronin: Cooperation and online mode Rise of the Ronin guide, tips

With co-op, you can complete missions from Rise of the Ronin together with other players. Our guide explains whether co-op allows you to travel the world, how to invite other players, whether playing online is mandatory and whether you need a PS subscription .

Last update: 20 March 2024

Does Rise of the Ronin have the option to play with friends? On this guide page, we described all the assumptions of the online mode, as well as playing the game in cooperation with 2 other players. In addition, we inform whether it is possible to complete the entire game in co-op and whether an active PS Plus subscription is required for playing online.

Do you have to play the game in online mode?

1 - Rise of the Ronin: Cooperation and online mode - Basics - Rise of the Ronin Guide
  1. Playing Rise of the Ronin in online mode is recommended, but not mandatory. Having the online mode enabled may allow cooperation, as well as provide additional social elements.
  2. If you want to play in single-player mode, you don't have to disconnect your PS5 from the network. In the main menu, go to the Game Settings tab and uncheck the Online Features. The online option will be turned off, although the game will remind you of it at the beginning of each session (you can always refuse).
  3. Rise of the Ronin does not have an invasion mode similar to those in Souls games. Playing online, you don't have to worry about being suddenly attacked by players.

Rules and limitations of the coop mode

2 - Rise of the Ronin: Cooperation and online mode - Basics - Rise of the Ronin Guide
  1. In Rise of the Ronin, you can play together with up to 2 other players, so you can create a group of up to 3 characters. Instead of other players, your party can consist of NPCs.
  2. The main limitation of co-op is that you cannot freely travel around the game's open world with other players. You can only explore the map alone.
  3. Cooperation only allows you to play story missions together. Specifically, these are missions that start with the Battle Preparation screen - an example is shown in the picture. These types of tasks usually involve infiltrating some location and end with a fight against a story boss or mini-boss. You can add other players on the preparation screen.
3 - Rise of the Ronin: Cooperation and online mode - Basics - Rise of the Ronin Guide
  1. You can also find cooperation in the options list in the longhouse and after interacting with any of the Veiled Edge Banner.
  2. The second player will not appear directly in the longhouse or at the banner. It's all about finding a mission partner. Another player can join not only on the preparation screen for the next mission, but also dynamically during it, replacing one of the AI companions.
  3. You can also repeat completed story missions in cooperation, including those that you beat for the first time alone. You can review the list of completed missions in the longhouse.

Is PS subscription required for cooperation?

  1. The answer is yes - you must have any active PS Plus subscription, i.e. PS Essential, PS Extra or PS Premium.
  2. If you don't have any subscription, the game will not allow you to play co-op, meaning you have to go through the entire game accompanied only by AI companions.
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