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Stellar Blade Guide

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Stellar Blade: Are there any romances? Stellar Blade guide, tips

Are there romance options available for Eve in Stellar Blade? From this guide page you will find out if it is possible to initiate a romance with the main character's companions, as well as if there are other romances associated with NPCs.

Last update: 26 April 2024

Romances are one of the topics that may interest you while playing Stellar Blade. Our guide answers the most important question - can Eve romance a companion or any of the characters encountered in the game world. In addition, we inform you whether there are romances in which EVE does not take an active part.

Can you romance the companions?

1 - Stellar Blade: Are there any romances? - FAQ - Stellar Blade Guide
  1. As a reminder, EVE's main allies and friends are Adam and Lily. More information about these characters can be found on a separate page Are there AI companions?.
  2. In the case of Adam, the main character is grateful to the scavenger for saving her life in the prologue, but their relationship remains on a professional level - they focus on defeating Naytiba.
  3. In Lily's case, some cut-scenes suggest that she admires Eve for her heroism and willingness to help, but there are no romantic feelings between them.
2 - Stellar Blade: Are there any romances? - FAQ - Stellar Blade Guide
  1. From the game's introduction, you can also learn that EVE and Tachy have a close relationship. As a result of the events that occur in the prologue and during the visit to Matrix 11 (the next part of the campaign), you can strengthen these relations.

Romances between other characters

3 - Stellar Blade: Are there any romances? - FAQ - Stellar Blade Guide
  1. Eve will not romance any of the NPCs encountered in the game. The protagonist remains unwaveringly focused on fulfilling her goal.
  2. In selected situations, you can experience closer relationships between the NPCs you encounter. Examples include Enya and Su in Xion city. During one of the side missions related to these characters, you can find out that Su decided to acquire lower limbs for Enyi, but he got into trouble. After returning to Xion, you can watch a cut-scene where you will learn that these characters really care about each other.
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