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Stellar Blade Guide by

Stellar Blade Guide

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Stellar Blade: List of bosses Stellar Blade guide, tips

Duels with bosses from the game Stellar Blade can be unique and challenging. On this page of the guide you will find a summary of the most important bosses, along with the places where they are fought.

Last update: 14 May 2024

Are you seeking information on how to defeat a particular boss in Stellar Blade? Our guide will come to your aid, which includes a list of story bosses that EVE must face at specific moments in the game. We will also explain the rules for facing known bosses once again.

List of bosses

  1. Brute - This is the first boss in the main story that you must defeat during the prologue. Tachy can help EVE win this fight.
  2. Abaddon - You face this enemy on the top floor of the Parking Tower on Eidos 7.
  3. Corrupter - You fight this creature on Eidos 7 shortly after visiting the Hall of Records.
  4. Gigas - This monster resembling a large gorilla will appear after reaching the last location of Eidos 7, the Crater.
  5. Quiel - She guards the access to Altess Levoire in the Wasteland.
  6. Maelstrom - EVE must defeat this large mutant after reaching the Bottom of the Heart of the Infection chamber in Altess Levoire.
  7. Stalker - An agile creature that you must fight in the Rail Yard which is part of the Matrix 11 location.
  8. Juggernaut - This large monster will stand in your way when you reach the Temporary Armoury in Matrix 11.
  9. Alpha Naytiba in Matrix 11 - This is the most difficult of the bosses in Matrix 11. The fight takes place in the Contaminated Water Purification Plant. During the fight, you will also discover the true identity of Alpha.
  10. Shael - The second sentinel, and this opponent guards the access to the Abyss Levoire location in the Great Desert.
  11. Belial - He is a mutated droid that EVE must face twice in the Spire 4 region.
  12. Karakuri - This boss attacks the heroes in the garden adjacent to the Prestige Lounge in Spire 4.
  13. Democrawler and Demigorgon - These are two different bosses that must be killed at the end of the visit to the Spire 4 orbital station.
  14. Unidentified Naytiba - The encounter with this elite enemy takes place after returning from Spire 4 to Xion.
  15. Raven - This strong warrior will stop the team at the entrance to the Nest in the final part of the campaign.
  16. Elder Naytiba - This creature is 1 of 2 possible final bosses.
  17. Providence - The Mechanized Exospine is 1 of 2 possible final bosses.
  18. Behemoth - This is a unique optional boss that will appear in the arena in the Great Desert.

Facing known bosses once again

1 - Stellar Blade: List of bosses - Bosses - Stellar Blade Guide
  1. A significant aspect of Stellar Blade is that the main story bosses can also show up during free exploration of the world with the same names. They then become optional opponents, defeating whom may be necessary, for instance, to complete a side mission or explore their lair.
  2. Optional bosses might be more powerful than those in the main story, primarily because of their increased endurance and ability to inflict more damage. They can also possess unique new attacks, such as a blue attack that they didn't use during the main storyline clash.
  3. Try to defeat optional bosses, because in addition to receiving a large amount of XP, you will also obtain, e.g. damaged weapon cores - they are described on the How to repair a weapon core? FAQ page.
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