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Stellar Blade Guide

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Stellar Blade: How to reset skills (respec)? Stellar Blade guide, tips

Stellar Blade allows you to reset skills and recover spent development points. This tutorial page explains how to perform the so-called respec with the help of the PU Initializer item.

Last update: 14 May 2024

When developing the character in Stellar Blade, you may spend your development points incorrectly and purchase skills that you do not want to use. This page of the guide describes how to obtain the SP Initiator and how to reset Eve's skills while simultaneously recovering all spent skill points (character respec).

Obtaining SP Initialiser

1 - Stellar Blade: How to reset skills (respec)? - FAQ - Stellar Blade Guide
  1. Resetting Eve's skills is not available from the very beginning of the game, but unlocking it is not difficult and you don't have to wait long for access to this mechanic.
  2. To perform the reset, you need the consumable item SP Initialiser (picture above).
You can obtain the SP Initialiser in 2 ways - Stellar Blade: How to reset skills (respec)? - FAQ - Stellar Blade Guide

You can obtain the SP Initialiser in 2 ways:

  1. Purchase in the shop - Visit any camp in the game world (normal or supply camp). The mentioned item is available for purchase for 200 gold.
  2. Find as loot - Check all containers and break the crates you find. There is a chance that the item will drop as loot. This will give you access to character reset for free, without the need to visit a shop.

Resetting skill tree

2 - Stellar Blade: How to reset skills (respec)? - FAQ - Stellar Blade Guide
  1. Having at least 1 SP Initialiser in your inventory, open the skills tab in the pause menu. You need to press Triangle.
  2. The skills will get reset - you will recover all previously spent SP. Fortunately, there is no risk of wasting skill points. You can redistribute them to the same or different skills.
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