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Stellar Blade Guide

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Stellar Blade: How to turn off hints? Stellar Blade guide, tips

The hint system in Stellar Blade can unnecessarily distract you from exploring the world and substitute for completing puzzles on your own. On this page of the guide we explain how to disable the hints or change their operation.

Last update: 25 April 2024

The hint mechanic built into Stellar Blade can be intrusive, forcing puzzle solutions or showing pathways before you have the pleasure of figuring/finding them out on your own. On this page, we show how to disable hints or, if this is not possible, how to make them less obtrusive.

Enabling hints in the game

1 - Stellar Blade: How to turn off hints? - FAQ - Stellar Blade Guide
  1. During the game, you'll often have windows containing hints appear in the upper right corner of the screen. Some players may find them intrusive, creating a feeling of being rushed and not able to savor slow exploration of the levels. Fortunately, there is a way to get rid of the pop-ups.
2 - Stellar Blade: How to turn off hints? - FAQ - Stellar Blade Guide
  1. Another example of the problem are hints appearing when using consoles or devices involved in puzzles. These may ruin the fun of figuring out a puzzle on your own.

Is it possible to completely turn off hints?

3 - Stellar Blade: How to turn off hints? - FAQ - Stellar Blade Guide
  1. The hint system is enabled by default, but you can disable it. Bring up the options menu, go to Gameplay tab and find Hints option.
  2. First option you can choose is delaying the appearance of hints. By default, hints appear shortly after remaining inactive in the puzzle area. You can increase the delay to have more time for an attempt to solve the puzzle on your own or for optional exploration.
  3. The next option in this menu is permanent disabling of hints. With the option enabled, the hints won't show up at all until you allow them back via the menu. However, the game may still provide small hints e.g. through Adam, who controls the drone accompanying Eve. Thanks to his hints, you can learn e.g. why a given mechanism doesn't work or why Eve cannot unlock a given chest.
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