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Paradox Development Studio

Paradox Development Studio is a developer of video games.
Paradox Development Studio has been active on the market since before 1999.
One of its first projects was game Wu-Tang: Taste the Pain.
In publishing its games, Paradox Development Studio collaborates with Paradox Interactive. The developer's most recent work is Stellaris: First Contact. Production release is scheduled for 2023 r.

Completed & Released Games

Stellaris: First Contact | PC2023

Stellaris: Overlord | PS4, XONE2023

Victoria 3 | PC2022

Hearts of Iron IV: By Blood Alone | PC2022

Europa Universalis IV: Lions of the North | PC2022

Stellaris: Overlord | PC2022

Stellaris: Nemesis | PS4, XONE2022

Crusader Kings III | XSX, PS52022

Crusader Kings III: Royal Court | PC2022

Hearts of Iron IV: No Step Back | PC2021

Stellaris: Ancient Relics | PS4, XONE2021

Stellaris: Federations | XONE, PS42021

Stellaris: Nemesis | PC2021

Stellaris: MegaCorp | PS4, XONE2021

Stellaris: Distant Stars | PS4, XONE2020

Crusader Kings III | PC2020

Stellaris: Galaxy Command | AND, iOS2020

Stellaris: Apocalypse | XONE, PS42020

Europa Universalis IV: Emperor | PC2020

Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn | PS4, XONE2020

Stellaris: Federations | PC2020

Hearts of Iron IV: La Resistance | PC2020

Stellaris: Utopia | PS4, XONE2019

Stellaris: Ancient Relics | PC2019

Imperator: Rome | PC2019

Stellaris: Leviathans | XONE, PS42019

Hearts of Iron IV: Man the Guns | PC2019

Stellaris | PS4, XONE2019

Europa Universalis IV: Golden Century | PC2018

Stellaris: MegaCorp | PC2018

Crusader Kings II: Holy Fury | PC2018

Europa Universalis IV: Dharma | PC2018

Stellaris: Distant Stars | PC2018

Europa Universalis IV: Rule Britannia | PC2018

Hearts of Iron IV: Waking the Tiger | PC2018

Stellaris: Apocalypse | PC2018

Crusader Kings II: Jade Dragon | PC2017

Europa Universalis IV: Cradle of Civilization | PC2017

Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn | PC2017

Europa Universalis IV: Third Rome | PC2017

Hearts of Iron IV: Death or Dishonor | PC2017

Europa Universalis IV: Mandate of Heaven | PC2017

Stellaris: Utopia | PC2017

Crusader Kings II: Monks and Mystics | PC2017

Hearts of Iron IV: Together for Victory | PC2016

Stellaris: Leviathans | PC2016

Europa Universalis IV: Rights of Man | PC2016

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