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God of War Ragnarok Guide by

God of War Ragnarok Guide

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God of War Ragnarok: Accessibility settings God of War Ragnarok guide

This page of the guide contains information about all the facilities for people with disabilities and accessibility features in God of War Ragnarok.

Last update: 08 November 2022

On this page, you will learn about the available accessibility options in God of War Ragnarok.

In addition to the options that were introduced in God of War on PC, the latest installment in the series, God of War Ragnarok, will offer several new accessibility features.

Recurring accessibility settings

  1. Button mashing: allows you to perform certain actions in the game by repeatedly pressing or holding a button.
  2. Magic gates: allows you to open magic gates with precise chisel movements or at the push of a button.
  3. Reticle: the reticle is always visible in the center of the screen.
  4. Sprint: allows you to set the sprint button.
  5. Auto sprint: sprint automatically when the character moves forward.
  6. Auto sprint delay: you can set a delay before the auto sprint is activated.
  7. On/off aiming: press L2 to start or stop aiming.
  8. On/off blocking: press L1 to start or stop blocking.
  9. Blocking delay: allows you to set a delay before starting or stopping blocking.
  10. Grabbing a stunned enemy: select a button for grabbing a stunned enemy.
  11. Rage mode: allows you to select the button configuration for the rage mode.
  12. Subtitle background: you can customize the background for subtitles.
  13. Displaying speaker in subtitles: displays the speaker when subtitles are on.
  14. Camera bobbing: select the range of the camera bobbing. It does not affect cut-scenes.
  15. Camera shake: set the intensity of camera shake during gameplay. It does not affect cut-scenes.

New accessibility settings

  1. Subtitle improvements: in God of War Ragnarok, the minimum size of subtitles has been slightly increased. Thanks to the new scaling, you can now choose huge subtitles. What's more, the game has a larger text area to match TV and movie subtitle standards. You can also change the color of the text (there are 7 colors to choose from).
  2. Subtitle improvements: thanks to expanded sound captions, the game now offers new ways to understand sound in the game. You can also enable subtitles for critical gameplay information to help yourself solve puzzles and understand the narrative.
  3. Blur the subtitles and captions background: you can blur the background of subtitles and captions to make them more readable.
  4. Direction indicator: critical gameplay sounds now have an optional indicator for the direction the sound is coming from.
  5. Icon scaling: with the ability to scale icons, individual images will be more visible from a greater distance.
  6. Controller mapping: you can choose from a wide range of pre-made layouts, as well as make your custom controller mapping.
  7. High contrast mode: the mode allows you to apply color to objects in the game like targets, enemies, as well as some objects. This makes objects more visible against the background.
  8. Navigation assistant: an option that allows you to direct the camera to the objective on the compass.
  9. Help with obstacles: some of the actions, such as jumping over obstacles, performed by Kratos can be automatic.
  10. Assistance: this option adds interaction-based moves such as climbing, crawling and squeezing.
  11. Sound signals: with this feature, you will be able to hear a sound when an interaction icon is nearby. This includes additional signals during combat like unblockable attacks and targeting indicators. The volume of the sound signals can be adjusted.
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