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God of War Ragnarok Guide by

God of War Ragnarok Guide

Table of Contents

God of War Ragnarok: List of all bosses God of War Ragnarok guide

This page of the guide to God of War Ragnarok contains an overview of all the game's bosses. We have prepared a list of bosses from the main storyline, as well as Berserker Souls and other optional boss battles found in the game world.

Last update: 15 December 2022

This page of our guide to God of War Ragnarok lists all the boss fights in the game. We've listed story bosses, berserker souls and other optional bosses separately. Winning these encounters will reward you with valuable loot and bring you closer to fully completing the game's regions.

All main storyline bosses

  1. Bjorn the bear - The huge bear of Midgard is the first main boss you will encounter in the prologue.
  2. Thor - The first fight with Thor takes place in the Surviving Fimbulwinter main quest. We've described all three phases of the duel in detail.
  3. The Huntress - She is the first of many mini-bosses. The first Huntress is a mandatory fight, other ones are optional.
  4. Dreki - The page describes the first confrontation with Dreki in Svartalfheim. We also explain how to defeat two of the lizards later in the game.
  5. Alva - The page describes a fight with the guardian of the Temple of Light - defeating her is part of your visit to Alfheim.
  6. Gryla - This page explains how to destroy Gryla's runic cauldron and how to avoid her while playing as Atreus.
  7. Vanadis - This page of our walkthrough covers the first mandatory battle against a Valkyrie. You'll encounter Vanadis during one of your visits to Midgard.
  8. Forest Ancient - This page explains how to deal with the Ancients - one of the mini-boss types encountered throughout the game.
  9. Fiske - This page explains how to deal with one of Odin's captains. You'll encounter him in Vanaheim.
  10. Nidhogg - We explain in detail how to defeat the massive serpent from Vanaheim. You'll learn how to complete all three phases of the battle.
  11. Traveller - On this page we cover the first battle against this mini-boss type. You'll encounter the Traveller on the way to the Well of Urd in Midgard.
  12. Frost Phantom - Here we explain how to weaken this phantom encountered in Midgard and how to destroy the Runic Springs on the arena.
  13. Garm (first battle) - On this page we cover the first battle against the massive wolf. You'll encounter him in Helheim.
  14. Garm (chase and second battle) - Our walkthrough explains how to escape from Garm and defeat him for the second time.
  15. Gulltoppr and Heimdall - This battle takes place in Vanaheim's Northern Wilderness. We explain how to defeat the beast and damage Heimdall.
  16. Flame Phantom - This is a new type of phantom encountered in Muspelheim. We explain how to destroy all three springs on the arena.
  17. Soul Eaters - On this page we explain how to defeat the pair of Soul Eaters encountered in Surtr's Forge in Muspelheim.
  18. Hrist and Mist - On this page we cover the battle against two Valkyries in Muspelheim. You'll learn how to avoid their attacks and defeat them.
  19. Thor (second battle) - This page covers the second battle against Thor, taking place in the endgame.
  20. Final Boss - This page covers the final boss, their identity and the two final encounters of the game.
  21. Valkyrie Queen Gna - She is a strong optional boss that you can defeat in Muspelheim after finishing the main storyline.
  22. The Raven Keeper - This is an optional boss from The Eyes of Odin favor. After hunting down all 48 ravens, you will be able to face this powerful opponent in the sparring arena in Niflheim. We explain how to defeat the Raven Keeper, her minions and the Pale One dragon.

Berserker Souls

  1. Hardrefill the Callous - You can face this Berserker in the Nidavellir region of Svartalfheim.
  2. Beigadr the Feared - You can face this Berserker on the Alberich Island in Svartalfheim.
  3. Haklangr the Bearded - A duel with this Berserker is possible after flooding the Crater in Vanaheim and reaching the Sinkholes.
  4. Fraekni the Zealous - She is a berserker from the Lake of Nine region in Midgard.
  5. Hvitserkr the Bold - The fight with this Berserker Soul takes place in the Pilgrim's Landing region of Vanaheim.
  6. Skjothendi the Unerring - You can face this opponent after the main storyline by returning to Niflheim.
  7. Hjalti the Stolid - The fight with this Berserker takes place in the Forbidden Sands region in Alfehim.
  8. Svipdagr the Cold and the Sisters of Illska - You have to defeat 3 Berserkers in a single battle. You can face them in Alfheim.
  9. Bodvar the Fierce and Starolfr the Troublesome - You must defeat 2 Berserker Souls in the same battle in the Svartalfheim mine.
  10. King Hrolf Kraki - This is the final Berserker you will face in the King's Grave in Midgard after defeating all other Souls.
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