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God of War Ragnarok Guide by

God of War Ragnarok Guide

Table of Contents

God of War Ragnarok: The Lost Pages God of War Ragnarok guide

In God of War Ragnarok you can find scrolls with Lost Pages. From this page, you will learn where to find them, we also explain how to find the ingredients to forge relics.

Last update: 05 January 2023

There are a ton of quests and side activities in GoW Ragnarok. The Lost Pages is a labor in which you will have to find 4 scrolls. Our clues will lead you to the resources and ingredients needed to forge the 4 relics.

Unlocking the labor

You will unlock the Lost Pages labor after finding 1 out of 4 scrolls of the same name. When you get the right resources, you will be able to forge 4 relics:

  1. Hilt of Angrvadall,
  2. Hilt of Tyrfing,
  3. Hilt of Dainsleif,
  4. Hilt of Ridill.

Where to find the Lost Pages scrolls?

Below you will find the exact locations of all 4 scrolls:

  1. The 1st scroll is in the northern part of the Barrens in Alfheim;
  2. The 2nd scroll is in the Elven Sanctum in the Forbidden Sands in Alfheim;
  3. The 3rd scroll is in the Plains in Vanaheim;
  4. The 4th scroll is in the Lost Treasury in Midgard.

Where to find resources for crafting relics?

In addition to scrolls, you will need unique ingredients to forge relics. The following tips will help you find the necessary crafting components:

  1. Hilt of Angrvadall requires a resource that is dropped by Gravel Belly. This is a mini-boss from The Desert Door favor;
  2. During the Animal Instincts favor you will face Olaf Nautson. After winning the battle, you will get a crafting component for the Hilt of Ridill;
1 - God of War Ragnarok: The Lost Pages - Labors - Vanaheim - God of War Ragnarok Guide
  1. Blatoon is an optional mini-boss in the Abandoned Village in Vanaheim. The opponent will drop the crafting component needed to make the Hilt of Tyrfing;
  2. You will acquire the necessary component for the Hilt of Dainsleif after fighting Ormstrung during The Lost Treasure favor.
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