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News video games 04 January 2019, 11:27

author: Aquma

A new Marvel game from ex-Blizzard developers

Second Dinner, a team founded by ex-Blizzard members will be working on a new Marvel Universe game.

A new Marvel game from ex-Blizzard developers - picture #1
The debut project from Second Dinner will be set in the Marvel Universe.


  1. Second Dinner will create a title set in the Marvel Universe;
  2. The developers launched a cooperation with NetEase, thanks to which they secured 30 million dollars to finance the project.

Last year, the director of the popular card game Hearthstone, Ben Brode, left Blizzard Entertainment with several others to set up his own studio, Second Dinner. Recently, the team has acquired funds from the publisher company NetEase ($30 million).

“The Second Dinner team has a strong track record of delivering quality games. With the resources and creative freedom they now have, we look forward to what they will come up with next,” said Ethan Wang, VP of NetEase Inc.

By the way, we’ve also learned about the studio’s next project – the developers will create a new game set in the Marvel Universe.

“I’ve worked with Hamilton and Ben for years and they are exactly who we want making Marvel games," said Jay Ong, EVP and Head of Marvel Games at Marvel Entertainment. “They and the team they’ve assembled at Second Dinner have made some of the greatest games in history. And now, working with the Marvel Games team and playing in the Marvel Universe… It’s going to be Amazing! Or maybe Spectacular! Or Incredible! Or Mighty! Or quite possibly all of the above!”

So far we do not have any details about the debut project from Second Dinner. Wccftech speculates that Ben Brode's experience may suggest a card game, but it is worth noting that the team also includes many other talented developers: Hamilton Chu (co-founder of the Halo series), Mike Schweitzer (World of Warcraft, Hearthstone), Yong Woo (StarCraft 2, Hearthstone) or Jomaro Kindred (Call of Duty: Black Ops series). With such talent on board, the company can probably take on almost any challenge.

  1. Second Dinner official website
  2. NetEase official website
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